Any tip for activation in Crete?

Hi SOTA friends!

Now I am enyoing my Holiday in Heraklion and I am going to activate SV/CR-029 under SV9/OM4WY/P. I will see but I think it will be this Sunday maybe Monday or Tuesday. Do you have any tips for me? Do you think SV9 is correct prefix?

Many thanks for all tips and ideas. 73!

Roman om4wy

Hi Roman,
The CEPT TR61-01 document under which you will be operating does not have a separate prefix code for Crete. Only the standard SV/ for Greece. However as the locals are all SV9 - your use of SV9/ seems logical although not specifically stated in 61-01.

This would also be in-line with operating in Australia under the CEPT arrangement where one operates as VK2/ in NSW, VK3/ in Victoria and so on although in the CEPT Document the prefix for anywhere in Australia is given as just VK/.

Basically the local laws override the CEPT agreement in this area.

So I believe you will be correct operating as SV9/OM4WY/P.

73 Ed.

Today I made a successful activation of SV/CR-029. Many thanks for all QSOs. 73!

Roman om4wy

Hi Roman,

a few more tips:

  1. Mt. Psiloritis / Timios Stavros, SV/CR-001 2454m, 10 Points is also a nice summit. From the saddle, you overlook both the northern and southern sea. It can be very, very windy on the top.

  2. In general, the mountains in Crete are not very difficult BUT many are very remote and there is no airborne rescue available, as I was told by locals. In case of an accident, teams have to ascent on foot, and they may not find you quickly. Besides considering myself a bit of experienced, I did not dare to solo Mt. Psiloritis / Timios Stavros from the south and rather went with a local guide.

Also note that the higher roads from the South require a 4x4, no chance with a normal rental car.

  1. If you are interested in joining a guided tour or private guiding, I can very much recommend Contact the owner Eleni Chaireti at

+30 6973 210 610
Mesonisia, Amari, Rethymno, Crete,

She knows about SOTA and even proposed to organize a SOTA-specific tour on demand, and they make very nice arrangements.

73 de Martin, DK3IT

Some photos of activation here: om4wy: SOTA SV/CR-029 (Timios Stayros) in Crete

73! OM4WY