Any suggestions on recording both sides of an SSB QSO

I have a small Sony recorder that I would like to use to capture both ends of an SSB QSO (i.e the chaser and myself) while activating.

As I usually use headphones while activating, it seems leaving the recorder running by the rig speaker a bit of a non starter. Even if I didn’t use headphones, placing the recorder near the rig seems less than optimal as my mic is a distance away from the rig and to boot I will also record all the ambient noise (wind, etc)

What suggestions do you have to capture both ends of an SSB contact ideally via a wired solution into the microphone jack on the Sony recorder (ICD-UX560)?

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Hi Paul

Your recorder is a much newer version than the one have. I haven’t used it for recording an activation but if it is protected from the wind it is surprising how well it will perform. I tried mine on my motorbike just inside the fairing and at 60+mph there was very little or no wind noise, could hear each vehicle passing and could easily identify what size it was by the sound. I could also hear myself and the XYL talking before setting off.

As for recording an activation a splitter cable may be the way to go, one to the headphones and one to the recorder. Saying that I haven’t found a good enough way of recording via a cable. Also had to play about with the settings on the recorder to get a good recording. — I used the next door neighbours yappy dogs to test the quality!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My microphone has an earphone socket on it so can used with cans.


This set-up seems to work o/k, just a matter of getting the correct mixture of adapters and leads. :slight_smile:

Regards, Derek

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I use a Belkin Rockstar splitter and use the monitor function on my KX-2 to hear/record myself. Plug phones/recorder into the Rockstar. Works great if I remember to press the record button!

I have also used a Sony lapel mic in the recorder, with wind screens installed. Not as good as direct input, but worked okay.

–Chris K7TAB

For 80m QSOs you can record the RF from both sides of a conversation using Hack Green on a mobile phone. I do that quite a lot to make sure I’m getting out and to check my audio.

I have seen youtube videos where the RF from both sides of a 20m conversation was recorded, I’m not sure how that is done - maybe you could use a handheld with wideband receive? Not sure…

Otherwise I stand my mobile phone next to the FT-817 or MCHF and use the Android App Sound Recorder - seems to work fine except when really windy.


Thanks gents for all the suggestions.

Maybe as suggested the quickest and easiest is to take advantage of the Elecraft MONITOR function and simply record both sides using a splitter at the headphone jack.

One of my goals this year was to evolve my web site ( and include amongst other things video and voice. Steve’s (WG0AT) videos where some of my earliest exposure to SOTA and having videos and voices made everything seem more compelling.

Amazon order placed and well see how I fair.

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