Any Programmers Fancy a challenge

Hi All.

Being a young whipper snapper and a fan of all things digital, I try and do all of my sota work using the technology available to me. On Activations the main equipment apart from the radio is as follows.

Garmin ETrex (using tracks exported from memory map)
Apple iPhone ( OS Mapping and tracks, SOTA Watch of course)

For me this is excellent as it cuts down my backpack weight and gives me less to carry.

The only thing I feel I am missing to complete my line up is a very simple sota logging program for the iphone. I use hamlog on the phone for portable/lazy log taking in the shack, its very good for what it does however, for sota its not really suitable, and the log outputs require manual working.

If someone is a wizz with the apple mobile SDK im sure it would be a hit with a few operators, A simple logger, Auto Time and Date, Chose your summit, and only info required, Call-sign, Signal Rpt, Name and details.


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As an old whipper snapper who has programmed using punched cards & paper tape on mainframes that filled huge rooms to the latest state of the art systems I can vouch for the paper and pencil logging system.



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Yay! Me too!


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who has programmed using punched cards & paper tape on mainframes that

When I was a boy, our IS shop
Built relational tables from wood,
And we wrappered our data in oilcloth
To preserve it the best that we could.

And we carried our bits in a bucket,
And our mainframe weighed 900 tons,
And we programmed in ones and in zeros
And sometimes we ran out of ones.

(from “When I was a Boy” – Frank Hayes (1997))