Any plans for Wendover Woods or Botley Hill (or thereabouts?) activations this weekend?

Hi All,

Just wondering if someone is planning to activate Wendover Woods or Botley Hill (or thereabouts?) this weekend?!
Places very near to london. Ive got some free time I think over the weekend and I could join with my little KX3 and long wire :smile:

FYI: Ill use public transportation, train I mean.


Hello Tasos,
So you ended up on G/SE-009.
Well thank you for the two contacts on 20M & 10M and well done on your first activation. KX3 sounded great.

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It was a pleasure Mike to have first! Very patient with me!
Even with a +20 signal I had to ask you to repeat things 3-4 times until my brain figured out how to hold the mic +notebook +taking notes + and replying while writing :smile:

I went down to se009 and then Brighton with a friend. Drove there. Full report coming today!!

More soon!