Any ISWL members?

I have one of the International Short Wave League’s club calls for December. I will be QRV on 10m and 6m from The Cloud G/SP-015 later this morning, using callsign MX1SWL/P.

This afternoon, I hope to be on the ISWL net from 1500 using MX1SWL/A. The net will be on either 3685 or 7155 +/- QRM.

Tom M1EYP / G-20843

I have the 6m antenna up here at home again - I’ll take a listen but I suspect the current conditions will mean no contact on 6m but perhap 10m? We’ll see.

Good luck with promoting ISWL we hear far too little of these organisations these days!

73 Ed.

Well I tried.

Don’t know if the 1500 Sunday ISWL took place at all. I checked the nominated frequencies on 80m and 40m and a good distance either side, but couldn’t find anything. No joy with my attempts to call CQ to establish anything either.

On my G/SP-015 activation, not really much response to my self spots on 10m CW, 10m PSK31, 10m SSB or 10m FM. Just Mark G0VOF in fact.

Fortunately, the band was lively and I made 54 QSOs:

10m CW: 33 (CX, EA8, FY, G, I, LZ, RA, UR, W)
10m PSK31: 1 (LU)
10m SSB: 20 (CU, CX, EA, EA8, F, FJ, FY, G, GW, HI, I, LU, PJ4, W)

MT2MT S2S with Simon G4TJC/P on Kinder Scout G/SP-001 and Jonathan GW2HFR/P on Gyrn Ddu GW/NW-050, both on 10m SSB.

Good DX today. My 5w and groundplane was sufficient to get the DX stations 1st or 2nd call most times, somewhat to my surprise when they had pile-ups. Normally I’d be over the moon to work Argentina, but I worked several of them, so it became “less special” ha ha! Even Uruguay was worked three times. FY French Guiana was a nice one, as was PJ4 Bonaire. 1302 UTC is the earliest before darkness I’ve ever worked HI3 Dominican Republic but the best contact was probably TO2EE St Barthelemy Island (FJ).

Using the MX1SWL/P callsign was a bit of a hinderance as it took other stations a few goes to copy it on several occasions. There’s another scheduled ISWL net at 2030 this evening, on topband, 1.925MHz SSB +/- QRM. I’ll try again there later.

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Sorry Tom,
I was out of the shack when your spots came up, so couldn’t listen for you. Tried tuning around when I got back - there seemed to be some contest on 10m, so it’s good to see you bagged lots of contacts there.
73 Ed.

Hi Tom,

I think you worked pretty much the same DX as me on 10m yesterday.

Highlights for me were Bonaire, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, French Guiana and Ipswich (M6T)! I missed TO2EE this time though, but think I got them in the log earlier this year during another contest.

The strangest thing was I couldn’t hear any US or Canadian stations, but Central and South America was no problem. Nearest I got to the states was Puerto Rico!

Propagation predictions were poor for 12/10m but just goes to show what a load of kW stations warming the ionosphere with linear’s can do :wink:

I must admit I was cheating and using 100w QRO :frowning:

73 James M0JCQ

I thought that accent sounded familiar…

I nearly put two and two together. I blame the condx :smile:


Ha ha. I’ll bet you’ll recognise my voice next time I suggest going for a pint though!

I don’t think the powers mattered yesterday James. The band was in the sort of shape where my FT-817 with 5w into four quarterwave bits of wire hanging from a 6m fishing rod, was entirely equivalent to an FT-857 running 100w into an Antron 99 @ 10m AGL.

Really enjoyed it!

It was that ‘X’ that threw me. Could be dropping by to bag Shining Tor very soon this week if you would like your glass refilled ?

:slight_smile: just above my noise floor on Sunday.


Sounds good to me. You thinking weekend? Jimmy M0HGY hasn’t done Shining Tor yet this year and is keen to do so. Keep us informed.

Thinking either Thursday or Friday afternoon if that suits ?

Weekend I may be out in Wales again to finish up some more 2pters for the year.


Jimmy and I will be both working if it’s a weekday this week.

I am staying in Manchester for the remainder of this week, I will PM you regarding this weekend.