I think an anvil should be added to the SOTA merchandise.

There will be one on my printer l (actually my son’s, VK2LED, but I like to think of it as mine) later today.

How many should I get printed?


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Will it be a UL anvil?

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Hi Compton,
Is this the famous “SOTA ANVIL” award for the activators who carry excessive amounts of unneeded equipment to summits only to find they forgot a pen or something else of a low weight and size and have to return back down the mountain to collect it from the car (or worse hotel). ??

73 Ed.

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If it’s not 105lb it’s not suitable for SOTA.

(About 48kg for those who don’t know what a lb is or, as in my case, was.)

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I’ve forgotten stuff but never something critical that stopped the activation.
The General Rules need to be updated so you should be forced to carry Andy’s anvil on the way back in to get the points I reckon.

If “105” was stamped on the side, it was 117 pounds. Those three numbers on an anvil are hundredweights, quarter hundredweights, and pounds. A hundredweight is eight stone.

And yes, that same system is used in the US.


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That’s just so wonderful that the fine archaic units are still used :wink:

This started from me posting picture of US made Scott Anvil and here is the spec:

105 lbs. Scott Anvil with Turning Cams
Item Number: SCOTT105TC
Unit Price: $745.00

Scott Anvils are made of Ductile Alloy and then heat treated.
Face: 4-3/8" x 13-1/8"
Horn: 4-3/8" x 8-5/8"
21-7/8" Overall Length
1-1/4" Space between the Turning Cams
Height: 9-1/2"
Base: 9" x 6-1/2"
1" Hardie Hole
5/8" Pritchel Hole

Made in the USA

It doesn’t say 105 on the sides so probably it is only 105lbs. The rest of those numbers are meaningless TBH after 40+ years of thinking metric.

Definitly the UL version, then :smile:

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Well, my anvil is now safey in my pack so I can say that I am SOTA compliant.
With Anvil

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delete dup post

Only genuine ACME anvils please

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Actually their is an ACME one on Thingiverse you can print. As used by Roadrunner I believe.
Beep Beep,

I looked in vain for a suitable mast on a well-known SOTA supplier’s website. None of them appear to be Hardie Hole compliant - a gap in the market perhaps?

Well maybe Compton can arrange some Hardie Hole adaptors to be 3d printed to fit a round peg into a square hole?

Is it acceptable to substitute a hefty vice?
I grew up with a bathroom scale that read out stone.