António Cardoso CT1MH all CT summits

Congratulations are in order to my friend António Cardoso CT1MH for being the first to activate all of continental Portugal SOTA summits.

Recently, António also reached his second Mountain Goat status.

The SOTA Portugal association consists of 273 summits.

The final activation occurred on Saturday, 3rd of February, in Outeiro Alvo, CT/MN-053, inside the Peneda-Gerês National Park.

António was accompanied on this trip by Carlos Gomes CT1HIX, Nuno Gomes CT2HOV and myself, CT2IWW.

After the activation, the group gathered on the banks of the Pomba River to celebrate with a good quality goat cheese and a bottle of red wine from Alentejo. CT1MH was also awarded a celebratory bracelet handmade by young Mafalda, Nuno CT2HOV´s daughter.



Congratulations CT1MH for 2xMG :goat: :goat: & for having all CT references active, well done ;)…

73, CT2HOV

Wow what a nice achievement. Congratulations.

For some context that means 273 summits all over the country :+1:


Congratulations Antonia on being the first to activate all SOTA summits in CT.

Jimmy M0HGY

Not only this, but it’s the second time that CT1MH does this!

Paulo and I coordinated a full review of the summits last year and as a result many summits were introduced (and some were retired). CT1MH had already CT completion and thanked us for having the challenge again! Very very impressive.


Congratulations Antonio,
IT’s always a pleasure to work you from SOTA.

Completing all these summits in CT involves a lot of travel.
Thanks for your effort.
Muito bem feito. Parabéns.

73 Ignacio

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Congratulations Cardoso,great achivement my friend, ALL CT, heading to 3xMg :sunglasses:


Congratulations Antonio, it’s always a pleasure to work you. 73.

Parabéns Antonio pela grande conquista.
Muito obrigado por suas ativações.
73 e um grande abraço