Im looking for some antenna advice.

Can anyone point me in the direction of some designs for making light and portable VHF and HF antenna’s. Yagi, verticals, loops anything really that you can reccomend that works well for SOTA.

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Hi Adrian,

You might be interested in the following ideas for VHF/UHF antennas from myself and GW0VMW.

There are lots of info on the web about light, portable dipole/doublet antennas for HF. Search this reflector for info too.

For HF I use multi stranded pvc covered equipment wire bought from Maplins. I also use a woven copper wire with a Kevlar core, thin and strong.

Good luck and 73

Roger MW0IDX

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Thanks for that info roger, i was led to your pocket beam from google earlier on today and it looks like what im going to try to copy. A couple of questions on it.

The 2 turns of 14SWG, for the inducto-match, what diamater should the turns be?

And on the reflector im not quite clear on how the 2 elements thread into the short 8mm centre piece.



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Hi Adrian,

The pocket beam is Richard GW0VMW’s antenna. Inducto-match – 2 turns of 14SWG 1/2 inch diameter, by 1/4 inch long (Equates to 8 turns per inch spacing). Richard used some kind of compound cement and while the cement was still soft, threaded the reflector into the cement, left it until it had dried out, then removed the element leaving a thread behind.

You’d have to ask him for more details. Hope that helps.