Antenna tuning assistance - W Midlands

Hello. I’ve made a linked dipole per Carolyn G6WRW’s instructions and in order to be ready for international SOTA weekend would like to get it working at peak efficiency. Is there one of you who lives within say an hour’s drive of Wolverhampton who has an antenna analyser that I can use for an hour or so? I’ve not used one of these piece’s of kit before [just like almost everything in amateur radio since I began it last November] so help from the owner and a visit to the nearest public open space would be also great. With a resonant dipole on 3.666MHz or nearby, I can then take my place among the pantheon of activators on 3/4 May on a summit in the Bala area.
David M6WOW

In reply to M6WOW: Hi, David.
I have an antenna analyser and a large enough garden to set up an 80M dipole. My QTH is in Montford Bridge, a few miles to the west of Shrewsbury. I shall be at home all day Saturday and you are welcome to come over and play. Several L/WB summits are within easy reach. Come back on dave(dot)crake(at)btinternet(dot)com and we can exchange phone numbers.

Regards, Dave, G6DTN and M0DFA

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Im sure with a little help David your linked dipole by G6WRW will be ready for the International SOTA Weekend.

Its good to hear your getting ready for this event in May and look forward to working you on the bands. Sean M0GIA

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Hi David

The 80 and 40 metre dipoles should be separate and fed from a common feed. The only “linked” bit would be for 60m (as part of the 80m dipole) which you won’t need.

Make sure the ends of the 80m dipole are at least 1 metre above the ground when tuning for the first time (I use fully extended walking poles; if you have long enough guy lines the 40m dipole ends will be high enough) with the dipoles 90 degrees to each other and you shouldn’t have a problem getting it to resonate.

Once it is resonating in the part of the band[s] you want it can be set up in any suitable configuration on a hill.