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Antenna Loop 6M

Hi, friend. very good. conditions at 6 m. I would like to build a loop aerial to work digital mode. like FT8 or SSB since a summit, it would be something great. I’d like you to share a plan or diagram of a light loop antenna that’s easy to assemble.

  73s, HI5YJM
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I’ve recently built a Slim Jim for 6m but a vertical ground plane antenna might be better. These are described here:

But a loop is an alternative and one design is described here.:

This uses a plastic tube which I think you would want to cut in half. Alternatively string it between two masts or perhaps in a diamond shape from one mast and spread with two guy ropes?


Have a look at the video from Akira (Mot) JP1QEC for an interesting 6 m delta loop with a transmission line matching section. Antenna and matching section made from speaker cable.
Peter VK3PF


I made this table top 6m loop a few years ago. It worked okay. Not really useful on a summit but kinda on topic.


Here is a simple, cheap and effective loop antenna design with horizontal polarisation. I have made versions of this for 2m, 4m and 6m, which I have used successfully in various portable situations. They are super light and take about an hour to make.