Antenna for V / U for sota activation

Antenna for V / U for sota activation

Hello friends activators I would like to acquire or build an antenna to perform my SOTA activations in the uhf band, vhf I require an antenna that is easy to assemble many suggest the Diamond Antenna A144S5 - 5-element antenna but this is VHF nothing more I want something light.

From HI5YJM Yeudy Mars Dominican Rep.

Hello Yeudy,

Have a look here:

A lot of ideas and plans for 2m band portable yagi.

Especially here:
DK7ZB has a big collection of designs:

I use this design:

And welcome to the SOTA reflector.

73 Joe


Hi Joe,
I think Yuedy is looking for a directional antenna for 2m & 70cm. He’s found one for 2m but it is only for 2m.

If you want to buy one Yuedi, the Arrow antenna gives you 2m and 70cm and being hand held (you could add a bracket) it can be vertical or horizontally polarised. It packs away well when taken apart and it’s what a lot of the satellite operators use.
In fact if you search on amateur satellite antennas - you should get a lot of designs that you can build yourself.

73 Ed DD5LP.

Hi Ed,

Please have a look at the 4 Ele 2m. It also works on 70cm.
Not a perfect SWR but good enough for QRP

Quote from the website:

Gain 7dBd, F/B 12dB
Weight only 240g with 3,2mm-elements!
You can use the Yagi on 432MHz with gain > 4dBd ! Plot see down

73 Joe


Interesting. The site says 1.5:1 SWR on 432MHz - so that’s not bad at all, for a 2m antenna being used on 70cm!

73 Ed.

P.S. I have one of these DK7ZB-Triband-VHF-Yagi

Hi Joe, that site of DK7ZB about pvc yagis is fantastic. Great recommendation, Thanks.
73 de Geoff vk3sq


thank you very much for your help i am going to experiment and manufacture 2 V / U antenna

I’d strongly recommend the Arrow II - check out the website. Easy to assemble and take down and works very well. Both my 13 year old daughter, KE0WPA, and I have used them on summits with good success.

Randy, ND0C

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Hi Yuedy

Try this homebrew DL6WU option. A much cheaper option than paying $$$ for an Arrow.

73 Andrew VK1AD

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