Antenna 479 vs Wind 1

I am sorry to inform that my Antenna Mast passed away yesterday on summit of F/AM-535.
While Patrice F4ESK was having SSB Qso on 14Mhz, a gale stronger than usual “Mistral”
has taken my antenna mast away.
I will miss it; for 7 years and 479 activations it was my friend, always next to me when needed.


Ouch and oops :scream:


I have seen vk5pas’s pole break twice on the same summit and mine split on the bottom section.
But you sure had a good run and it decided it was one strong wind too many.
Vale the squid pole
hope it can be replaced soon
Ian vk5cz …

Hi Gerald,

Very sorry to hear of the passing of your mast :frowning:

It has indeed served you very well with 479 activation’s under its belt!

I hope you find a worthy successor to take its place.

Thanks & very best 73,

Mark G0VOF

Hi Gerald,
With such big number of activations you’ve done with it, the investment has been far amortized.
Time to get another one.
Best 73 and wish you 500 activations with your next fishing pole.


Awww, always sad when you have to part company with a favourite piece of kit.

We can rebuilt it, stronger, higher, better than it was before… because we have got the “Sota Fever”

Now it is 8.10m tall.


How many pieces have you replaced?


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Haha ! Epic scene :slight_smile:

FYI don’t throw them away. You will find after a while of breaking a few of them that the spare sections can make a virtually a new pole.


How many pieces have you replaced?
At least 7 pièces out of 10 have been replaced since the first crash!

Ship of Theseus… in french we have also the “couteau de Jeannot”

This is the Jeannot’s knife, which sometimes we change the handle and sometimes the blade, and is still the Jeannot’s knife .

The video of Trigger’s Broom made me laught.
It is so true with my 10m antenna mast!!!

Tnx for all friends, from Gerald F6HBI

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You must change to: Antenna 479 Vs Wind 1 !!!