Ante 9A8RA MG

Congratulations :slightly_smiling_face: to my friend Ante 9A8RA achieving Mountain Goat today on his mountain 9A/DH-001 where he started SOTA activity few years ago.

73 CU

Ivica 9a6cw


Congratulations, Ante, on making that perfect circle for your first Goat. Just keep doing it…
73 & GL
Zoran, E70AA


Congratulations, Ante!

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Congratulations Ante on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

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Welcome to the herd, Ante :goat:
Thanks for the many S2S!
73 Fabio

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Congratulations Ante to the MG !

73 and GL with the sota.


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Chapeau bas Ante @9A8RA :muscle: :champagne: :exclamation:

Thank you for many S2S QSOs :slightly_smiling_face:

73, Jarek

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Congratulations Ante,
thanks for all the summits. Take care and enjoy
73 Ignacio

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Thank you my friend Ivica, also thanks a lot for great support during many together activations.

Best 73 and CU de 9A8RA

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Thank to all of you dear sota friends (special thenks to all activators and chasers) for your great support.
I look forward to future qso’s and s2s !

Best 73 and CU de 9A8RA

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Congratulations Ante on MG #4 in 9A SOTA association !

Was nice to make s2s qso with you during your milestone activation on 9A/DH-001 Dinara.

73 de Boris 9A2GA
9A SOTA association manager

Bravo Ante :+1: :muscle: :beers: :clap:

73 i do skorog slušanja / viđenja
Mario DJ2MX