Anquet .aef SOTA summits file

After a tip off from Andy MM0FMF (see the “Summits near Cardiff?” thread) I downloaded a Marilyns database from the excellent site:

for use with Anquet maps. The problem with this database is that it simply lists the Marilyns and does not include SOTA references, points details etc.

To get round this I’ve put together some code to automatically convert the Google earth .KML files to the Anquet .aef format. The results are attached for general use. The data employed comes from the .KML files listed on the site:

Thank you Mario (DL0QW) for making these available.

For now the file can be downloaded by clicking on:;topic=362.0;attach=117

and saving with a .aef extension.

(I intend to make a version available for hosting on this site if there is sufficient demand).

To make use of this file you’ll need to place it in your Anquet maps home directory, and then import it via the File menu (see post in the other thread).

I’ve tested the results as far as I have been able but do not have a complete set of 1:50000 maps nor the time to check every single summit. If anyone notices any major problems or omissions please let me know.

I note that the accuracy leaves something to desire - this appears to be a problem with the original .KML data rather than with the Anquet software (or my conversion routines). In any case all the summits I have checked appear to be within approx 50m of the apparent summit as viewed on an OSGB 1:50000 map - don’t go walking off any cliffs as a result of having downloaded the contents of the database into your GPS!



PS I also have a .GPX version of the file generated by Anquet for use with memory map. I have however been unable to test it. If someone with a MM license would like a copy just let me know.

Hi Rick,

I’ve got a material with all the marilyns listed with theit SOTA references. I just circled all the G, GW, GD and GM SOTA summits in the road atlas.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to M3EYP:

I bet the GM ones took some time



In reply to M0RCP:

PS I also have a .GPX version of the file generated by Anquet for use with
memory map. I have however been unable to test it. If someone with a MM license
would like a copy just let me know.

GW7AAV raises his hand. “Yes please!”

If you send it to my email address on QRZ I will have a look at it for you while I am away and get back to you.

Regards Steve GW7AAV

In reply to M0RCP:

Rick, can you send me a copy of the file and I’ll host it. There’s 8.3TB of b/w per month looking for something useful to serve!

mm0fmf AT


Hi Rick,

The GM ones took weeks to do. I started off by circling the GM ones, and then did all the rest. I have done two corrections with the GM ones this week.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to MM0FMF:
I could also make use of a Memory Map overlay.

Jack, GM4COX, published a “Pushpin by height”- file for Autoroute a few years ago, and that is also quite a useful tool. All the UK SOTA summits are colour coded according to height, and the summit details are available by clicking on the summit marker. Wonder if Jack has a copy which could be posted on an accessible website?
73 de Ken -

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I now have a memory map overlay version of this file in CSV format
if anyone is interested.

Please note a problem with the original version which results in GW/NW-001
being given a height of only 466m. This is due to a problem in the original
KMZ/KML file and does not appear to otherwise effect the integrity of the files.


In reply to GM0AXY:
Hi Ken!

Yes still alive - hi! Have been up to my armpits with work over the last 6/9 months - phew! Anyhoo possibly things will be easing off over the next couple of months.

Now on the aspect of Autoroute fie, you can get a copy of it on the Yahoo Groups/Sota/Files site Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos. It’s still my main database for logging my Activations/Chasings.

Changing the property of the Pushpin at a glance shows me the status whether I a have Activated, Chased or both. And within the Pushpin I log the relevant data.

The colour coding is ‘loosely’ based on the resistor colour coding: Black 1 points; Red 2; Yellow 4; Blue 6; Aquamarine 8 and white (snowy) 10 points.

Also on the site is Robin GM7PKT’S Ireland pushpin data. Very handy also.

73 es hpe out&about soon. Great to wrk Christine & yourself agn.

Jack (:>)

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The Anquet .aef and the coresponding .csv version tailored for use with Memory Map are now available at:

and also on the Summits Yahoo groups file repository as: