Another small tcvr

Anyone seen these before, apparently there is now a four band option too…

Steve MW0BBU.

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They’ve been around for a while.
Look like a good alternative to those who haven’t got an ATS4.
Sounds reasonable too

But it would be nice to hear with the bandwidth closed up a bit, assuming it’s not already at its narrowest!

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Hi Pete,

First time I have seen them to be honest, the video seems to make it look ok really and as you say an alterative if you haven’t got the ATS series radio… The kit on the bench would be considerably lighter than the usual gear…

Steve MW0BBU.

I’ve got one of these units and an ATS4. I prefer the latter but bring the FX-2 as a backup rig (until I get my MTR built). Nothing worse than hiking up a summit to find out your rig isn’t working properly!

The rx on the ATS4 is more sensitive, I can dig out weak signals better. At all filter settings on the FX-2, I prefer the audio on the ATS4. And for a given voltage the ATS4 outputs more power(40m, 12.0V: ATS4, 4.5W, FX-2, 3.4W). The FX-2 is also not quite as compact as the ATS4 (which fits nicely into a thin go-case). The current FX-2 has only two bands – two extra bands will make it more attractive. Having a tuning knob is an advantage over the ATS4 for quickly scanning the band. It is a rugged design, and having a button for band changes is nice when you are wearing gloves. All in all, worth the money.


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It would appear that THP has had something similar before…


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Hi Paul,

Thanks for the info, nice to compare, I was surprised at the price of the FX-2 and there appears to have been talk of a new four band at Dayton.


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Anyone seen these before, apparently there is now a four band option

4 Band version at Dayton.

Frequency range:
1 BAND: 7.000.00MHZ-7.300.00MHZ
2 BAND: 14.000.00MHZ-14.350.00MHZ
3 BAND: 10.000.00MHZ-10.150.00MHZ
4 BAND: 18.060.00MHZ-18.168.00MHZ
Work mode: USB/LSB/CW
Receiver sensitivity: -128DB

Frequency power:
IF Frequency: 9MHZ BW: -2.6KHZ
DSP: 300Hz-2.2KHz
DC 11V-14V

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Tokyo Hy-Power XT-751, 40-6 m + ATU, authentic SOTA.

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Hi Pete,

That looks a nifty bit of kit, couple of handy bands there too…Wonder when they will be available ??



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You already know Steve. You already posted a link to almost the same article!


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=0) Doh !!

Here’s something simple for 40metres for those put off by SMD construction.

The Four State QRP Group is pleased to announce the availability of the Cyclone
40 Transceiver.

This innovative and simple transceiver by NMØS is an enhanced version of Dave’s
QRP ARCI’s 72 Part Challenge Design Contest entry in 2010. This is a complete
kit, including the enclosure. The price is a buck a part plus shipping, $104
total, for domestic sales. Purchasing info and more details are on the kit’s
home page here Four State QRP Group Here are some of the design

. All through hole parts and easy assembly. NO SMD parts
. Less than 100 components
. Superhet receiver with very good sensitivity and selectivity
. “Perfect” QSK very high speed and absolutely seamless operation.
. VFO tunes the entire 125 kHZ CW segment of the 40M band at a comfortable
tuning rate.
. Transmitter output is nominally 4W. Those built so far are running ~ 4.6W
. Frequency readout is included so you know where you are at all times.
. A very attractive PCB enclosure is included, asy to assemble, looks great.
. All parts are included, jacks, knobs, enclosure, transformers, everything.
This is a complete kit, including a black enclosure with white silkscreened

$114 for DX orders.
(other transceivers are available form other manufacturers/clubs)


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I also noticed that one, it looks like a nice project and good value against similar types, sw40+ for example, as it comes with the enclosure. Just add a keyer if you need one.

Not sure about that IP3 number though. I wonder what spacing was used to determine it.

Tempted. Do I need another kit to build?


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Tempted. Do I need another kit to build?

You already know the answer…

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I’ll get one ordered.



If anyone is looking for a pure SSB 40m QRP rig - I can recommend the KNQ-7A kit at

Also comes in a 20m version, can be bought ready built but it’s a fairly straight forward kit with only one (large) SMD.

73 Ed.

Youkits are now shipping the TJ2B (lower band option) for £176.
No idea what they are like and it’s a pity the higher band option isn’t yet available for 24Mhz together with a proper mode of operation!