ANOTHER Shack Sloth :)

Right guys, thanks to everyone who over the past few months and during some atrocious weather, have climbed hill and dale (and the odd mountain) to enable me to achieve Shack Sloth. Special thanks to Dave, G6LKB, who through stiff competition provided me with my 1000th point :smiley:

Started 11/9/10 at 14:10 with GW0EWN on Cadair Berwyn
Ended 10/4/11 at 18:03 with G6LKB on Kirkby moor.

Heres to another 1000…

I couldn’t help thinking while I was chasing all these summits, that the competition created between people, would be an ideal platform to get people ( especially younger people ) interested in the hobby. It certainly grabbed me.

Anyway, thanks to everyone for your gallant efforts. You can all buy yourselves a pint ( I’d buy you one, but I’m monitoring S20 for SOTA!!

73 all, and Thank you …M0MOL (Gareth)

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Glad to have been of help.
David g6lkb

Congratulations Gareth on your Shack Sloth. It was good to meet you at Norbreck Rally today.

Jimmy M3EYP

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thanks Jimmy, was nice to meet you too :slight_smile: . Take care, look forward to working you again soon :wink:

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Well done gareth i have been watching your progress with you sota point collecting it was actually you who spurred me on every time i would input a summitt you would be there in front of me all good fun my friend and well done best 73s Dave M3XIE.

hi gareth

    well done on your award of shack sloth.

                      73 colin g4uxh

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Thanks to you momol gareth who provided me with such stiff compitition on who would reach the first 1000. Without looking i think I had a 100-150 point lead on you when you started doing sota it was certinly fun watching the table as we progresed to the point where you had a frustraitingly significant lead well done!! NOW IT`S TIME TO GET YOUR WALKING BOOTS ON !

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Many congratulations Gareth. Good to work you from several LD summits recently. Hopefully catch you again soon.

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Congratulations Gareth and many thanks for all the contacts. Hope to help you on your way to the next 1000!

(Thank goodness you managed to catch David on Kirkby Moor - I’m afraid we decided it would be too dark to go on to Easington Fell without our head torches).

Karen & Neil