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Another KU6J bit of nostalgia

Today, two guys activated W6/NS-204, the KU6J Memorial Peak. Yesterday was the eighth anniversary of the earliest activation there… by the late KU6J himself, before it became his memorial. His bronze benchmark resides at the summit, thanks to Paul, W6PNG.

Elliott, K6EL



Indeed! Just worked the peak, and it brought back memories of KU6J and the nice PIX of the memorial construction crew.
Best, Ken

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We, the team that installed the marker did it unreservedly and felt it was the least we could do to remember Eric.

Here is a link to our write up of the installation.

Eric June’s peak

RIP Eric


Thanks to all of you. We miss Eric.

Yesterday I was surprised to see WB6POT show up on W6/NS-204 at about 1830Z, and then I got him S2S. When I did my log, I saw that it was Eric’s peak, and then I read this post.

Looking back to 2013, Eric’s RBN spotting tool was the key to getting me going as a SOTA activator. The current RBN Hole is even better, and it’s a fine memorial to Eric and his dedication to the SOTA program.




Yes, indeed; the spotting tool was (and is) most important. The start of SOTA in U.S. was also the start of any sort of cell-phone coverage in remote areas.
BTW, Eric was originally from Booneville, CA and was fluent in Boontling as well as CW.
Spent time on the phone with him on the latter subject. His folks had a TV show for a time.

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