Another GM land Shack Sloth

Congrats go to oor Roddy 2MØIOB for achieving his Shack Sloth status…


Congratulations Roddy on achieving the Shack Sloth.

Jimmy M3EYP

In reply to GM7GAX:

Well done! Here’s to your next 1000 points!


Well done Roddy!
Thanks also to your dogs which gave you the opportunity of chasing many points while out walkies with them .
Good luck with your future sota activities.


Well done Roddy

Well you have made it into the hall of fame and immortality is yours



Thanks everyone for the comments recorded here, and also those taken over the air. It was good to get my 1000th point with a STS with Iain. Even though I was in the borders on Blackwood Hill at the time, MM3WJZ was only a couple of miles from my home QTH when I caught him on Ben Eich. The WX was miserable, but I was a happy boy. As GIL has mentioned, walking the dogs has provided me with many of my chaser points, they’re happy, I’m happy and the XYL - well she just tolerates it hihi. As for HMZs mention of immortality, I thought he said immorality and couldn’t agree more. Cheers everyone and I look forward to many more contacts with the tops, and hope to add a few more STS for the next 1k points.
Roddy, 2m0iob.

In reply to MM3WWV:

Hi Roddy, well done on the Sloth thing, always glad to help chasers reach their goals. Hope for plenty more contacts with you in the future.

Cheers Neil 2M0NCM

P.S. How much was the bet for?