Another glitch?

I’ve noticed that my most recent activations are not showing on the summits regional summary lists when I am logged in. NW-007 and NW-015 (both activated 8/3/07) and NW-049, NW-048 and NW-047 (all activated 10/3/07) do not have a red number 1 by them, yet the information is present in the database. Strange! Presumably this is a glitch between the Database site and the SOTAwatch summits site.

Is it the same for anyone else or am I being “docked” activations for bad behaviour, Hi!

73, Gerald G4OIG

P.S. Just had another look - seems it’s a problem also on chased summits. I have chased Foel Goch NW-039 twice and the detail page shows that okay, but on the summary page for North Wales (headed “Summits within North Wales(NW)” only one is listed.

SOTAwatch reads the SOTA Database on a nightly basis, so can be (in theory) up to 24 hours out-of-date. I guess it depends when you entered you activator and chaser claim data for the recent summits. If it was more than a day or two ago, then maybe there is a problem. But if you only entered them yesterday, then I doubt there is any glitch.

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Sorry, still only doing manual import at the moment and haven’t done it for a few days.

Now should be up to date.

73, Jon

In reply to GM4ZFZ:

Thanks Jon. You’ll be glad when the Beta stage is complete!

73, Gerald G4OIG

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Hi Mick,

Could you please give me an example? I’ll then look into it.

73, Jon