Another FT818?

So I’ve installed the power pole adapter and have a Bioenno 4.5A LiPo4 battery to connect. Should I remove internal ft818 Yaesu battery? Any pros or cons to leaving it installed? It seems to function fine with the Yaesu battery in radio.



Weight reduction. The provided batteries on 817s were pretty useless so I’d dump it.

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I haven’t touched the internal battery for my 818, I used an external Tracer 4Ah 12 volt LiFe battery. A bit heavier than the internal battery, but much better IMHO.

I have the 817 with power pole adapter. No problem with external power and the internal battery installed, regardless of via existing jack or powerpole adapter.

And has been mentioned, stock battery (817) didn’t afford much use if running 5 watts. The Windcamp 3amp battery is better than the 9.8V packs from Yaesu. If you want to have internal battery as back up on activations I recommend the AA battery case and Energizer lithium AA cells. That provides 12V, and is lighter than the original battery pack. They are however, not inexpensive compared to alkaline batteries.

Howard KE6MAK

Gday Erik I leave the internal battery in my FT817 I always use an external pwr source if I take it on SOTA but I find it handy to have the battery in the rig if I am testing something in my shack or back yard,saves hooking up an external battery just to test something.
It would save you a few grams weight on a hike to take it out but that’s all.
have fun.
vk5cz Ian …

I use the power pole adapter + external battery, in addition to the internal AA tray stuffed with Enloops. This is useful when operating VHF/ UHF with whips and need to move around to catch a weak signal; you can easily disconnect the power pole and walk a few feet/ put the radio over your head, whatever is needed to make the contact, and still have power.

Wow what a great resource! Thanks for responding. I emailed Bioenno and asked them. Here is their response.

“ The FT818 will try to default and run off the internal battery if attached to the radio. So I would suggest disconnecting it , and then using the external connector to run off the BLF-12045W battery.”

I like the enloop battery tray idea also. I will research that technique.

The ft818 battery tray label says “alkaline batteries only” I am sure you are correct in using Lithium batteries instead. In my mind electricity is electricity. The radio doesn’t know nor care what the source is as long as Volts and amps are correct.