Another French Record!

Hi friends !
F6HBI and I (F5HTR) decided just today to fight the new french record i have done last tuesday ! You remember, I was with my brother F5LKW in the National Park of Mercantour and activated 5 summits over 2500 m !

So With Gérald F6HBI, we gonna try 6 or 7 summits over 2800 m in the day !
we did not definy yet the order cause we have some variants ! so will see that on place.
The References are following :
F/AM-144 F/AM-145 F/AM-166 F/AM-137 f/AM-180 F/AM-170 F/AM-704
All of them are over 2800 m ! and give 10 pts. !!!

We will start always on 10.122 mhz in CW exclusivly.
RIG FT-817nd 5w antenna doublet

ONly short work with radio on each summit cause long way to walk ! And we do not know the sector.
about 10 qso for Gérald and 10 for me !

best 73 to all, hope to contact you tomorrow from high mountains in mercantour !

In reply to F5HTR:

Good luck and have much fun by walking and SOTA.

73 Lutz

In reply to F5HTR:
That’s a challenge, Bob!
I wish you good WX and good luck!
I’ll keep my fingers x-exd for you and my TRX tuned, of course! :wink:

73: Jóska, HA5CW / M0HAA

Really Bad luck for me. I can’t activate the new challenge because i’m working :-((

1st summit: F/AM-137 is done, Bravo Gérald & Bob !

73 QRO Roger

If i’m right, reading the map. We should listen Gérald and Bob from
F/AM-166 - Sommet de Caire Brun - JN34JH on the 2nd summit…
Waiting for spottong ;-))

I was right !
After, they should walk to the Noth …
Which summit they should activate in third place ?
F/AM-145 or F/AM-170 …

Probably they decided to go to F/AM-202, trying a new way to climb.
I do hope all is right.

Just calling Gérald by phone.
Gérald stay on F/AM-145 because very tired.
Robert is now on F/AM-180 and ready to activate his third summit. BRAVO !


Bob back to Gérald on the F/AM-145.
F6HBI —> 3 summits
F5HTR —> 4 summits

After this, they should go to F/AM-144 … bravo !
I get enough time to prepare myself for next challenge. I go to run ;-)))

Where are they ? I didn’t get any news for a long time. Phone doesn’t work …
May be still walking …

In reply to F5LKW:

Hi Roger,
On UK news tonight, 6 climbers killed by avalanche in French Alps.
Found by a walker today above 2500 metres, any more news on your side?

73 Peter G3TJE+

So sadness !
Yes I got news from Gérald and Robert.
They walked more than 23 Kms, They had few troubles climbing but all is right for them. They are only so tired and did 4 summits. Record failed. Now I prepare myself to succeed it.
73 QRO

In reply to F5LKW:
Unfortunately the hop between F/AM and HA/KM is far from optimal @ 30m, so their signal was too weak so could only I work F6HTR from F/AM-180…

A lightning killed 2 Polish tourists in Bihar county (YO5, KN16 locator #), Transylvania yesterday. Members of the mountain rescue team found their charred corpses about 300 meters from the shelter where the couple hiking intended to escape into from the storm… Unfortunately only articles in Hungarian are available from local websites about the tragedy:

Thanks God, Gérald and Robert arrived home tired but healthy! You can do it next time, we hope! Thank, guys and congratulations to your attempt!

  1. Jóska, HA5CW / M0HAA

In reply to all !

HI everybody !
AS Roger told you we did not finish our tour! In fact we did not know at all the terrain. So we’ve made mistake in the first Summit (Le Chevalier), it did not exist path on the map, and nothing on internet. So we took wrong way and it was too difficult for us ! it was alpinism ! we go down in the valley and try to climb in the other side ! We lost a lot of time for that so we could not take our tour on time.
In the end of afternoon, we were so tired that we did not climb on the last one which is very very easy !
Anyway, thanks to all for QSO and for sur 6 summits are possible next time.
As HA5CW told, just take care and know what you are able to do. Yesterday in france 6 personne died in the alps at 2750 m.
best 73 es GL

In reply to G3TJE:

Hi friends,

Just back home from Fried, I get the bad news.
Every summer, XYL and I are hiking in this area and we know “Roche Gauthier / Les Agneaux” where the accident occured.
The climbers were from 16 to 64 years old.

F/AM-211 is not too difficult to climb, but we should all keep in mind E.Whymper’s words :" Do nothing in haste; look well to each step; and from the beginning think what may be the end."

Alors attention avec les records, pas de folies !
(mais bien entendu, je sais que vous êtes des gars sérieux)

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to all :

Here is the film of our last SOTA tour in the National Park of Mercantour :

enjoy yourself
best 73

Gérald and Robert