Another fantastic weekend Basque country


Another fantastic weekend activities in the Basque country, with over 12 stations activating summits, with 25 references in the air …

Ea2dys / p EA2/VI-004-EA2/VI-017
Eb2gkk / p EA2/VI-012-EA2/VI-013-EA2/VI-003
Ea2eeb / p EA2/SS-046 EA2/SS-051
Ea2dca / p EA2/BI-004-EA2/VI-001
Ea2dno / EA2/BI-004-EA2/VI-001-EA2/BI-010
Ea2cw / p EA2/BI-023-EA2/BI-055
Ea2bds / p EA2/BI-023-EA2/BI-052
Ea2csc / p EA2/VI-014
Ea2ebx / p EA2/NV-050
Ea2dxy / p EA2/SS-004
Eb2fdt / p EA2/NV-078-EA2/SS-019-EA2/BI-009
Ea2bsb / p EA2/NV-119-WA2/NV-132
Ea2af / p EA2/SS-040
Ec2ag / p EA2/BI-043-EA2/BI-033 -EA2/VI-050 …

My Station 15 S2S got … thank you all for your animation summits in the air

I could also contact with SP8RHP in 3 activities … among other activities Sota

greetings EC2AG

Hola Antonio…hola sota!
Thank you for yesterday activations 2 new s2s and for video:)).

Best regards de Rob(ert)SP8RHP Vy 73!.

In reply to SP8RHP:

Thanks Rob, for their activities and their reports for my 5/9 their station were very strong … ec2ag 73""

And don’t forget the chasers, a lot of them were around here too!

Thank you all for making our activations so funny, and fighting against nettles, brambles and wind (4 times the pole went down! %&!!&%) worthy.

73 de Mikel

Mikel I am only one summit away from Eguzki!

I thought I would get there last night but a rather large electrical storm came through forcing me to leave the shack for the night.

Also because of the WPX contest congestion on the non-WARC bands all the dx-pedtions had moved to 12m and the QRM on the band was like 20m! I could hear EA2CW and EC2AG (and OE5RTP) but not enough to try for a QSO.

Maybe next weekend…


In reply to VK2DAG:
I cannot believe it Matt, awesome!
Marcial and me, although used the EU time change to hike yesterday 2 hours sooner than usual, were envolved on 144 mhz S2S multiple qsos, so when we had all set for HF, it was too late to have better chances with VK. But after watching how are you doing, I have no doubt you’ll reach it!
Let’s see whether next weekend would be the date! :wink:
73 de Mikel

In reply to EA2CW:

Thanks Mikel. I have 11 summits in Bizkaia and Araba/Alava. So I am looking for a summit in one of the other territories now :slight_smile:


In reply to VK2DAG:


This weekend will reference some SS in the air at 12 meters, I hope to hear you …

EC2AG Antonio 73""

In reply to VK2DAG:
Hi, Matt, I’ve sent you an e-mail about that.

Vy 73 de Mikel

OK Mikel, I now chasing just 2 summits in Nafarroa for Eguzki.

Hope to get over the line soon!


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