Another Callsign Change

I am now the proud owner of a new callsign - MM0TAI

Look out for this on my next outing, likely to be on the VHF fun day 2/1/2011

Merry Xmas to you all


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Congratulations Adrian.
Very well done indeed.
Just got to get used to it now,
Marry Crimbo,

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First class Adrian. Well done. I bet you’re glad to see the back of “Advance!” and time spent on QADV? These full callsigns are a tongue twister when you’re running on automatic, calling CQ and are cold! My apologies to the real 2E0YDH and the late MW0DAI [SK].

73 & Merry Christmas
David M0YDH

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Hi David, it was a long time stuck in the advance book. I went quickly from mm6 to 2m0, 4 months but 12 months to study for the mm0. I didn’t really use Qadv alot, just in the last fortnigt before the test, but I found that none of the questions I had were in my exam. Which is good in a way because you are being tested on your knowledge and not your ability to memorise questions and answers. But it’s time for the next challenge, learning the CW.

I think it’ll take a few goes on a run frequency to get the new call drilled in.

73 Adrian

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The MM0 prefix is a bummer, I hate it though it is distinctive. If you had the choice then MM0SSS would have been good for CW.

Oh, and well done. :wink:


Congratulations Adrian on getting your full licence.

Jimmy M3EYP

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Well done Adrian!

The callsign isn’t much of a tongue twister and I think it should be easy to remember as “That’s Adrian Innit?”

Bah Humbug! To one and all
73 Steve GW7AAV

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Hi steve I deliberated over a call for two weeks before choosing this one, i tried to find the best phonetically and reasonably quick for cw. It’s a pitty the m5 series isn’t available it would be even faster. Myself and gm0nai devised a systematic approach by scoring all callsigns in terms of number of dots and dash’s and removed all allocated calls. Quite amazed that only around 3500 M0 calls have been allocated so far



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While dots may make the callsign shorter on CW they don’t always aid readability. I aways wonder how Roy ended up with G4SSH - a real “mouthful” on CW.

You will get used to correcting the last I (often mistaken for an E in unstable transpolar contacts or in heavy storm static or just when the signal is weak). I speak from many years of experience!



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I can’t profess to having 1/1000th of your CW skills Richard but the few occasions when the skip between us has been suitable I’ve found the last 3 letters of Roy’s call to stand out significantly above the melee calling me. He wasn’t louder than the others as he was swamped by those who kept calling me when I tried to work him. It certainly seemed that dididit dididit didididit cut through easily though.

I just wish I’d extracted a digit and got on with learning and using CW earlier rather than waiting so long before having a go.


In reply to MM0FMF & G3CWI:
I originally was thinking about a personalised call like MM0ADE which is available but I thought that the single dit at the end would get lost too, but I’ll just have to wait and see how it performs on CW, I’m a long way off yet, still on lesson 1 with lcwo.


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Your not the only one Adrian.
Thought I was the only one on lesson 1.

On both fone and CW I often get stations coming back to me with M1EY/P. I think K is the worst letter to have at the end of a callsign if operating CW. Roy G4SSH definitely has the best morse callsign. You can pull him out from the bottom of a big pile-up upon hearing two letters of his suffix! Maybe not so good on fone though!


Belated congratulations on your new callsign Adrian :slight_smile:

With regard to callsigns & CW, Roy’s G4SSH is definitely very distinctive & easy to pull out of a pileup. That said, on the rare occasions I use CW my callsign doesn’t fare too badly. It also helps that whan I do call an activator that knows I am a little rusty, they will be gentle with me & send a report or summit reference several times if necessary :slight_smile:

Best of luck to all learning the mode, it is worth it :slight_smile:

May I also wish a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all chasers & activators :slight_smile:

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

The Roy’s callsign is the most popular callsign among the CW activators.
All CW activators expect to be called by Roy, and his distinctive callsign is even more easy to recognize.
On my fisrt activation I asked him to repeat his callsign several times in order to complete it - hi. Later when I got familiar with his very unique call sign, always when I hear a lot of dots, I know that Roy is calling me - hi.
It’s better when the CW callsign have more “bones”(dashes)- hi.

                                                  Vlado, Z35M