Announcing SOTA Goat for iOS

Hey SOTA folks,

I’m very happy to announce the release of SOTA Goat for iOS in the iTunes App Store. It includes a searchable summit database that is accessible offline, and online integration with SOTAwatch to read and post both spots and alerts. I think you guys will find it extremely handy for doing activations and finding nearby summits if you’re travelling.

Screenshots and more information: WW1X – SOTA Goat for iOS

iTunes download: ‎SOTA Goat on the App Store

– Rockwell, WW1X

Wow Rockwell! Just a first impression and a quick test, but I think you have hit a home run with this app. The interface is clean and simple, and the ability to generate a spot from an existing spot or alert is perfect. I have been looking for just those features and it will be great on the summit or at home (desktop app? nudge nudge wink wink). It also very nice that alerts/spots are posted by yourself which means they can be edited directly on SOTA Watch, unlike the SMS or APRS gateways (which are great tools and the APRS gateway saved my sanity on my last activation).

Thanks and keep up the excellent work!

73 de pat KI4SVM

In reply to WW1X:

Just purchased it. Looks solid on my iPad.

Great job!


In reply to WW1X:
Ok for use in UK? Probably a silly question…

In reply to M0SSD:

It will work great in the UK. The summit database for the entire world is included.

– Rockwell, WW1X

In reply to WW1X:
Ok will buy and try!
73 M0SSD

In reply to WW1X:
Hi purchased ok but can not sign in with sota details
Any idea , it comes up but will not let me put info in


In reply to G7TAS:
Sorted need to hit bar in middle to get cursa up

Works wel large screens so this blind one can see
Spots are easy to enter
Quick access
Great app

Ray g7tas

In reply to WW1X:
Not sure if i have to update the app, or you have to. But the new LA/ST summits (added 1st of February), is nowhere to be seen in this app…
Realy nice to be able to see summits in neighbouring associations/ regions, if the summits are displayed… :slight_smile:


In reply to LA5XTA:
As far as I know, the app doesn’t pull the data down from the database so he has to manually update the app every time a new association is added or to update the “last activated by” feature. I know he just moved across the country, so he’s probably still settling into his new home and job.

In reply to K1MAZ: So who can port this to android? I have been hearing great things about it for a month… and just want to try it :-p