Announcement - first activation Tour - 4 summits D

Dear chasers,

we will hike the following 4 summits which are not activated yet:

  1. DM/BW-307
    Eichberg - 469m, 4 points
  2. DM/BW-298
    Hohe Tanne - 516m, 4 points
  3. DM/BW-815
    Steinberg - 530m, 4 points
  4. DM/BW-769
    H?fnet - 545m, 4 points

Tobias (DL1TOB) and myself are planing to hike at wednesday or friday next week. We will make an alert early enough and will operate only one hour per summit. Otherwise it is not possible to make the tour in one day. We will
leave home at 4.30UTC and will start at +/- 6.30 at the first summit, 9.30 at the second, 13.00 at the third and 16.00 at the last.

Antenna: 2 verticals, one for 20m, one for 40m - maybe we will reduce to only one band
RIG: Yaesu FT 857D
Power supply: 2 x batteries, each 26AH

Hope to hear you on the summit!
73 de Marcus, DK4MH

In reply to DK4MH:

Marcus - you have posted this in the German language part of the reflector so those people who don`t subscribe to the German language reflector will not see it.
73 Steve.

In reply to G1INK:

Hi Steve, thanks for this information.
i started another topic now, maybe someone
can delete this thread?

73 Marcus