Announce error on 05.05.2019 (DM/HE-001)

Sorry for late report,
On Sunday the 5th of May I accidently announced DM/HE-002 instead of DM/HE-001.
The weather was very bad, snow with only 1°C and I had fat and cold fingers :frowning_face:
After a few minutes I saw the wrong reference on SOTAwatch (TNX to Andy HB9JOE, who gave notice),
and I corrected the reference.
Some chasers didn’t take notice of it and logged the wrong reference.
Please check your log and correct the reference if necessary.
Here is my log from DM/HE-001:

Sven DJ4MX/p

Mario DJ2MX/p

Thanks for the QSO’s and see you soon from another summit!
73, Mario DJ2MX

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Ma, ko mi se to smrzo?