Anniversary of SOTA Slovenia

Today, on June 15th, SOTA S5 is 4 years old (young, hi).
Thanks for thousands of QSO’s to all of you out there.

Finally we are starting with SOTA Slovenia awards program.
You can find regulations and XLS application files at:

See you from summits!


In reply to S57XX:

Awesome stuff Jure!

My cousin lives between Ormoz and Ptuj - so perhaps I need to make an excuse to go and stay with him and bag a few summits!

All the best,


In reply to S57XX:

Congratulations Jure and SOTA Slovenia on starting this local award programme.

It has always been possible within the General Rules for local Associations to introduce their own awards programme and it is interesting to see the different approach you have taken to the Slovenian award. The appearance of your certificate is really good and I look forward to whatever design you decide on for the trophy - now all I have to do is make some effort to qualify!


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

PS For anybody who tried to access the webpages please note that Jure has corrected the link to the English language page