Anemometer recommendations

Can anyone recommend an anemometer for portable use.
There are many cheap hand held units available, but I am not sure of the quality.
Many do not specify the max wind speed measurement, and the ones that do are rated to 30 m/s which I don’t think is high enough for the winds I experienced on Tuesday evening.


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I have a Kestrel 3000. Light, compact and good range of features. Battery seems to last a long time too.

Edit I had to look this bit up (no idea why I couldn’t remember the stats!)
Max wind speed capable of measuring 134mph (not guaranteed to be within advertised tolerances above 89mph).

Good luck getting your 7m pole up in anything approaching that!


I have tried a couple of different anemometers for drone flying. I had a small £15 ish one from Amazon which had terrible accuracy, i.e obviously wrong compared to Beaufort visual observations . The one I use now seems much better, at least it seems to compare with Beaufort visual observations :slight_smile: but is a bigger instrument with a bigger fan.

This is the Amazon link to the one I currently use.

I’ve tried cheap ones and tried Kestrel. I can only recommend Kestrel - well made, battery seems to last forever, and waterproof. This shot is from my last activation…


I think we met there last year.
No altimeter but it was very unpleasantly windy up there yesterday.

I use a Kestrel 5000 Elite. Mine has a built-in ballistic calculator. It generally puts my shooting on target at 1000m and beyond which suggests it’s a pretty accurate wind meter :grin:


Denis MW0CBC

Dwyer makes a lightweight, (shirt pocket) instrument with 1 moving part, no battery. About USD $50.
Used these on parachute drop zones. SOTA interest is mainly whether the antenna will stay up, so super-accurate, recording things are mostly unnecessary. Available with choice of MPS, MPH, or KPH scales.
Link: Portable Wind Meter | Portable Wind Meter that is a direct reading with no calculations. Made from sturdy plastic and has a case. | Dwyer Instruments

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I’ll add another plug for Kestrel. I had one of those inexpensive units, but the problem for me was that the temperature sensor was very slow to respond to changes, not to mention I never felt confident it was calibrated correctly. With the Kestrel the temp sensing component is actually exposed on the outside and it is very fast. I think mine is the 2500 model.

Just looked-up the kestrel 5000, expecting it would be £30 tops.

My goodness, its £300!

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Whoa, that’s windy.

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Many years ago I bought and used a SKYWATCH XPLORER. There were very few devices like this at the time. Used it on several activations.

And were you able to activate with that wind? The indicator is miles per hour or per day? :laughing:

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Thank you for the comments.
Now saving of a Kestrel unit…it’s a long wait for a Black Friday deal.



I wouldn’t wait.


76mph was the max gust recorded while I was up there, and that was at the top of a small gully with a bit of Venturi effect going on. A little back from the ridge and further to the ground it was probably more like 30-40 and so while still a struggle I just about managed to get 4 contacts on VHF. I wish I’d packed a ski mask for the decent though … the rain felt like needles!

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I use this one. Not so small, cheap and o.k.

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