Andy's Cluster

I haven’t gotten any recent spots from Andy’s spotting cluster ( Does anyone know anything about it?


HI Ron

Suggest you email Andy - he always responds and it gets fixed. He is away from home at moment but he may be able to fix it remotely. Often does.

73 Phil

If nobody tells me it’s broken then I wont know to fix it. It’s chugging away now. Let’s see if it will stay working till I get back to Scotland.

Thanks so much, Andy. I noticed a day or two ago that it wasn’t working and assumed it to be temporary. I got busy with yard work and home chores and didn’t do any chasing but when I checked it yesterday I noticed it not working and let you know.

It is a great service and I for one really appreciate it.


HI Ron I read your post about "Andy’s Cluster! I did not know anything about it? So I wanted to see what is is! I tried the link you gave. ( ) many times and all I get is “The connection was reset try again” Then after 10 or 20 tries I get a page that says “Too many connects, blacklist 1hr” SO I wonder if you ever got in ?
OR may be I have the wrong link! Thank’s for your SOTA Points the other day Your now in Log 59 Times HI! Hi!

73 Gary N2ESE

It’s not a webpage… pointing your browser at that link will fail as you found out.

You need to telnet to that address (if using PuTTY on Windows, use Raw not Telnet).

Andy Tnx for the Help! I use Linux Mint 17.3 Cinnamon 64bit on a HP Laptop.
I am now on the web reading about how to use Telnet,It is new to this Old Timer Hi HI.,But it will be a good challenge for me to learn something new!
73 Gary

Open a shell window and type the following then press return.

telnet 7300

Follow the prompts from there.

this@that:~$ telnet 7300
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Welcome to the MM0FMF SOTA Cluster
This is version 4.0b built 11th March 2018

Set your keepalive pings to no less than 15mins

login: mm0fmf

MM0FMF de MM0FMF sota_cluster >
DX de GM4COX     145400.0 GM0HUU/P     GM/SS-011                      1353Z
DX de GM4COX     145400.0 GM0HUU/P     GM/SS-011                      1354Z
DX de EA2DT      7028.5   DL/ON6ZQ/P   DM/BW-019                      1427Z
DX de ON6ZQ      7028.5   DL/ON6ZQ/P   DM/BW-019                      1427Z
DX de LB4FH      7183.0   LA9RY        LA/HL-154                      1505Z
DX de KB9ENS     5332.0   KB9ENS       W6/CT-004                      1529Z
DX de EA4DE      7082.0   EA4DE        EA1/AV-016                     1536Z
DX de KI0KN      14320.0  KI0KN        W0C/FR-084                     1548Z
DX de EA3HP      7082.0   EA4DE        EA1/AV-016                     1548Z
DX de RBNHOLE    7033.0   WA6MM        W0C/PR-018                     1608Z
DX de KI0KN      0.0      KI0KN        W0C/FR-084                     1609Z
DX de KI0KN      7144.0   KI0KN        W0C/FR-084                     1610Z
DX de N0KVN      7293.0   N0KVN        W7U/UT-038                     1621Z
DX de N0KVN      7293.0   N0KVN        W7U/UT-032                     1625Z
DX de NS7P       7293.0   N0KVN        W7U/UT-032                     1627Z
DX de RBNHOLE    10112.0  WA6MM        W0C/PR-018                     1629Z
DX de RBNHOLE    14063.0  AA0BV        W6/NC-008                      1630Z
DX de RBNHOLE    10113.0  W1EJ         W6/NC-008                      1632Z
DX de N0KVN      14244.0  N0KVN        W7U/UT-032                     1639Z
DX de GM0HUU     14285.0  GM0HUU/P     GM/SS-011                      1639Z
DX de RBNHOLE    14062.0  WA6MM        W0C/PR-018                     1651Z
DX de GM0HUU     50110.0  GM0HUU/P     GM/SS-011                      1657Z
DX de RBNHOLE    7033.0   W1EJ         W6/NC-008                      1658Z
DX de RBNHOLE    18093.0  WA6MM        W0C/PR-018                     1707Z
DX de RBNHOLE    5332.0   WA6MM        W0C/PR-018                     1719Z

MM0FMF de MM0FMF sota_cluster >


As Andy says, the cluster is not a web page. I use Log4OM for my logging program. It uses a telnet subroutine to display Andy’s cluster. All the spots show up on the right side of my screen and all I have to do is click on the spot and it fills in all the data in my logging program. All I have to enter is the RST information.

My logging program looks up the activators call sign and fills in the name and address, which saves a lot of time. But I do have to make one change. In addition to the address field, it has a field called QTH. Generally it puts the city of the activator in there. I usually delete it as the activator is rarely in his/her home city.

I like Log4OM because it is SOTA friendly. When I finish a day of chasing, I simply upload my log to SOTA without having to type all that stuff twice. Same for activations.

I am sure there are other good logging programs but the few I checked out didn’t interface with SOTA as well.

Hope that helps and thanks for all the contacts.



That’s because Terry G4POP and John (GI0 calll???) will have guided the Log4OM author to ensure it worked well with the SOTA web sites etc.

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I was trying to be delicate because I am sure there are others who use other packages of logging software that they truly love. But for SOTA, and that is my main interest, I wouldn’t use anything other than Log4OM. I have tried others and have found that for SOTA they are just not as good.

Just my opinion…

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Andy ,Tnx everything came up in terminal just as you said,
Ron , Tnx for info on Log4OM, sounds easy to up load the chasers log!
Guess we learn something new everyday, Now if you could only get the STATIC of the air waves, Been in shack over 4 hours and only 2 chasers!!
73 to all Gary

Thanks Ron for the info about LOG4OM which I discovered last year - but I had not investigated the cluster part of the software whicj I will need to explore in a bit more detail. I also use it for activations too by exporting the log from my phone (Hamlog) as an e-mail and importing it into LOG4OM. Thanks for the tip about the cluster!

The cluster is read only so I don’t bother with too much security, there’s not much damage you can do. But would the person in New Jersey (a Verizon customer) who is logging using my callsign please stop and use their own.

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Andy, I am the bad GUY from NJ SORRY, When you sent the info to me how to log in The Password was your call so I thought that was the password to use! But I just signed in now with my call and it works OK,Yes only use a phone line connection and its is slow!
73 from New Jersey

Andy, not sure if there’s a problem with the cluster at present, but I’m getting a DNS resolve error for
73 David VK3IL

Hi David

Andy is on SOTA Safari in Northern Scotland.

I can tell you the is dead (see above).

You can use what I call SOTA 2 which is remote host port 7300. That has been working well since the previous telnet access was closed down.

73 de Phil

I believe it is exactly the same thing, just a different name for it. was simply a free dynamic DNS provider (I used them myself), and they decided to close for business. They didn’t do much more than the free service so it was hard to see how it could be a viable business.


Thanks guys. That’s working for me now.

73 David VK3IL

Neither cluster seems to be working at moment