Andy/DL6AP on SOTA Marathon in NA!

I’ve only worked Andy DL6AP a few times. Never met him in person until last Friday when he stopped by for a goathike-SOTA up Mt Herman. Later at lunch when I asked him how many peaks he’d done while here on his 5-week vacation. He made me laugh by saying “I haven’t keep track but basically a peak a day or so!” …Wow! says I

Nice to know some one else does SOTA for “fun” and looses track of # of peaks and their points! Hah! So I’m just guessing here but he’ll have 25-30 peaks or maybe more bagged for SOTA by the time he leaves NA. NICE! - says Peanut

So knowing Andy won’t beat his own drum about this accomplishment Peanut and I will risk embarrassing him a bit by boasting a little for him with this short “trailer” video. Video: 5-weeks 30-Peaks for Summits on the Air

Great operator and hiker …Peanut and I felt honored to be sharing the trail and an activation with Andy and looking forward to his return to NA for more “fun”. Cheers Andy!!

73, Steve wGOAT/Peanut


Bravo Andy ! I’m fan :slight_smile:

Thanks Steve…