Andrew VK1AD in OE

Hello to all in Austria and nearby countries.

My wife and I are in Austria for the next thee weeks. We are staying with my wife’s relatives in Zell am Moos close to Mondsee and Salzburg.

Weather permitting, Heinz OE5EEP has generously offered to take me to a local summit, Schoibernberg OE/OO-420 tomorrow afternoon/evening. The weather forecast is for localised thunderstorms and rain. If the weather is fine, I hope to work local chasers.

Friday and Saturday 3/4 June we will be at Spielberg mountain. Weather permitting I look forward to ascending Eibleck OE/SB-336.

On the 8th of June my wife and I will travel to Bregenz, while in Bregenz we plan to meet up with Herbert OE9HRV.

In the last two days I have visited the mountain peaks of Schober OE/OO-265 and Krippenstein OE/OO-012.

73, Andrew OE/VK1AD

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Hi Andrew,
Please be VERY careful with the weather.
Three people died yesterday from the severe weather that came through - look at this video and you will think its from the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami - it isn’t - this was SW Germany yesterday!

73 Ed.

Enjoy the mountain views over there Andrew and will listen out for you, time difference permitting.

Safe travels.