Andreas @DF1AKR baaah

Andreas @DF1AKR has reached his mountain goat today during the activation of the Hochbühl DM/BW-850. Congratulations and welcome to the herd :+1: :goat: :beers:

Andreas was very active the last days and you could hear and work him a lot from DM/BW as well as FL/VO. Have fun furthermore with the hobby and see you next time in a s2s QSO :wave:

73 Marcel DM3FAM


Congratulation Andreas for your MG!

It would be great if we could see each other in person on a summit, since I also frequently activate in in this area. Have fun!

73 Stephan


73, Ken

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Alles Gute Andreas, “welcome to the herd !” und mein besten Glückwunsch !!
Jean F6GLZ.

Hallo Andreas
GLÜCKWUNSCH zur 1. Bergziege!!

Bis bald mal wieder beim s2s

Armin… derzeit F/MC

Thank you for your wishes. I am hoping to meet you in a QSO soon.
Many thanks to all QSO- Partner.
Enjoy your great hobby.

Best 73, Andreas,DF1AKR

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