Andrea IW0HK is the new Association Manager for Italy

Please join me in welcoming Andrea @iw0hk to his new role as SOTA Association Manager for Italy.

Andrea has assembled a team of Regional Managers to help support and promote SOTA in Italy.

Before contacting them, please refer first to the General SOTA Rules (Summits on the Air), as these are the rules that apply to SOTA worldwide.

In particular, the only criterion for a summit to be given a SOTA reference is its “prominence”, which must be at least 150 meters, or 100 meters in very flat countries. Note that “prominence” is not “elevation”, “altitude”, “touristic interest”, “nice views”, “close to where I live”, etc.).

Prominence is the difference between the elevation of a summit and the elevation of its key col. Therefore, the accurate geographical coordinates and elevation of these TWO places are required to determine the actual prominence of a summit.

Please understand what prominence is and how it is calculated before suggesting summits for addition. Any places with a prominence of 150 meters WILL be accepted. Any places with a prominence of less than 150 meters WILL NOT be accepted.

These two articles describe how prominence is calculated:

See also the blog article at Summits on the Air .

Here are the members of the new SOTA team for Italy:

Association Manager:

Regional Managers:

  • Piemonte I1 - Beppe @I1WKN
  • Lombardia I2 - Fabio @IK2LEY
  • Valle d’Aosta IX1 - Claudio @IX1IHR
  • Liguria I1 - Carlo @IU1KGS
  • Friuli Venezia Giulia - IV3 - Maurizio @IV3GVY
  • Veneto I3 - @IU3QEZ Simone
  • Emilia Romagna I4 - Alessandro @IZ4VQS
  • Toscana I5 - Claudio @IK5VYZ
  • Abruzzo - Marche - I6 Eliseo @IK6BAK
  • Lazio - Umbria - I0 - Emanuele @IZ0ETE
  • Campania I8 - Enzo @IZ8DQG

The SOTA Management Team wishes them every success in their new role.


Great news, wind of change hit SOTA in Italy!
Best wish to all the team!!

Roberto iw2obx


great team, congratulations to everyone :muscle:


Congratulations and good luck to Andrea for achieving his role as Association Manager.
With him, in Italy the SOTA program will be in very good hands


Thanks to Andrea for forming the new Sota Italia team.
73 all de Enzo IZ8DQG


Congratulations to the new team and good luck!

Somehow I have the impression that recently new callsigns were heard from the Italian mountains. That made me very happy!

Italy is a country full of beautiful mountains and totally underactivated.

73 Armin


Great news! Go go go!
73 de IU2IJW Martino.


Hi Andrea @IW0HK,

Big congrats :exclamation:
Hope to see you soon on air again :wink:

73, Jarek


Dear Friens,
It is a pleasure and an honor to be part of the great Sota family, I hope to be useful in helping Sota to grow. I will do it as an activator and as a hunter, I will do it as a radio amateur who puts in front of everything the passion, the shared rules and the spirit of those who go to the mountains

See you soon hear from us on the air and on the trails

73 de IW0HK Andrea


Thanks Andrea,
I’m proud to be in your team!


Auguri Andrea and good luck to the whole team.

73 Lea, M0XPO

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Auguri Andrea, de IN3AQK


Congrats Andrea and good luck for the new role!


Good news and good team for Italy!


Congratulations to the new team and good luck!

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