And after 518 activations...

…I forgot the antenna at the summit. In all this time I had never lost anything, nor left it on top, nor fallen out of the backpack. There must always be a first time, and today, on HB/TI-138, Monte Gambarogno, I realized that in my backpack there was no longer the small bag with the longwire, the coaxial cable and the small home-built LC tuner that I always carry with me. Grr…
I saved the activation with the little telescopic loaded vertical for the 20 meters with his radial. Before getting off HB/TI-131, Monte Tamaro, I did the usual double check around the area I was sitting on. I think the bag slipped a little further down, so I didn’t see it.
I hope to do another 518 activations before I lose anything else!

My longwire during its last moments… :pensive:

The little antenna that saved me… :wink:


true … every 518th activation is a good average … I keep my fingers crossed for you


73 Armin


Great line Armin, It does not sound so bad having lost nothing on 518 Activations. At least the activation was not lost. Great photos incidentally.
Thank you Fabio



Thanks for the S2S today Fabio. You were very strong with me on GW/NW-042.

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I always say to myself: It hasn’t disappeared, it’s just somewhere else.

So far I have forgotten a longwire, a coaxial cable and the 2m/70cm antenna from the ft-817 on different summits and found it again a few days later when I activated it again.

It didn’t always work out. A jacket is still somewhere else on the summit and old reading glasses in the apartment. I only find the latter - or not - when I move out.

Good luck Fabio.

73 Chris.


HI Fabio. Grazie per l’S2S Svizzera-Svizzera. Spiace per la perdita ma succede e per fortuna era poca cosa, facilmente sostituibile. La tua seconda antenna è quella che usavo io ieri (MFJ 1840T-30T-20T) nelle spedizioni leggere. Ciao, alla prossima (per me domani).

518 activations without missing anything is an impressive streak! I hope your antenna bag reappears.
On one summit descent I suddenly realized my HT was missing. I had been clipped to my pants pocket. Retracing my steps, I found the radio hanging from a bush that had pulled it off as I passed by.
73, David N6AN


Hi Fabio,

I’m sorry to hear about your lost, especially for the home-made stuff! But as others already said, 518 activations without any loss is very good.

Thanks for the S2S from HB/TI-131! Now I understand why you didn’t come to 40m on Monte Gambarogno, which would have been a complete for me. Well, maybe another time…

Have fun and 73, Stephan