An Unsuccessfull Attempt at Satellite Chasing

Alex, @EI4JY, was activating EI/EI-019 today using the SO 50 satellite so I planned to see if I could complete a QSO with him.

This video records my failure, both in the QSO but also how to make a video! Fraser, @MM0EFI, can rest assured I am no competition in the video production department. :slight_smile: The main issue is the sound quality but I think I can improve on that for the next effort. I have a plan.

As to my QSO technique there are numerous gaps. You will hear me interupting another operator and my description of a satellite CQ call is wrong as the grid is also normally included but I was trying to be brief today and didn’t send it. That’s my excuse anyway!

The main technical problem is my antenna arrangement is sub-optimal I think. Next week I should have the bits to mount in on a tripod which will allow me to get out of the way.

Many thanks to Alex for his activation and once I can sort out my technique and equipment we must try for a S2S. :slight_smile:


Thanks John ! I didn’t heard you at all today unfortunatelly, but the satellite was behaving weirdly today. I heard myself okay most of the time, but for some reason no one anwered :slight_smile: Also that blank carrier … That definitelly went on top of few callsigns!