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An Teallach - not an activation just calling

Hi there - just a very quick question - I’ll be going up An Teallach with some non-radio friends in a weeks time and greatly looking forwards to it. This will not be an activation as thats not the point of this climb, but is there any point in taking my 2M handie up there, maybe with my SotaBeam??? will anyone be likely to hear me??? The radio stuff adds very little to a 40L pack, so its no bother to take it up…

all the best,

Scotty 2E0OZI

Hi Scotty,
After reviewing an old report of mine, it seems that I did get six QSO’s on 2-FM from An Teallach.
SEE: G4YSS: AN TEALLACH (GM/NS-004) Act Rprt, 22-May-08
I usually use a half wave vertical and 5 Watts but it’s unclear what antenna I had on that one. There is the possibility of stations hearing you on the islands as well as the mainland. Activity is mostly on the east side around inverness and they use 145.575 but it’s also worth a call on 145.500.

I think if you gave people a heads up early enough and maybe contacted GM3PIL Ray (Nairn) who I regularly work when I am in GM/NS, in advance, you might have success and 4 QSO’s. Robin GM7PKT uses VHF a lot from all over Scotland. It’s a high one and good takeoff so I think if you got people lined up and waiting for you, you’d do it. Take the H/H but if you can include a half-wave too it would be a big advantage over a rubber duck. You will find path waypoints in the report if you don’t already have them,

73 & good luck,
John G4YSS

Hi Scotty

I activated four summits on the Isle of Skye last week and one above Fort William this week. Although my main activation mode was HF I did make it a point of calling out on 2m with the handheld …no replies on any of the summits. That’s not to say that you won’t get a contact or contacts so give it go and see what happens…have fun :smile:

73 Allan GW4VPX

I think I will give it a go If I can get the SOTABeam in the luggage - though its going to be enough of a challenge just getting up the mountain. Probably will just call on 145.500, and maybe for fun try and hit the nearest! repeater (not that it counts for anything) The climb will be either this Saturday or Sunday, and we will be leaving early from Dundonell and taking it easy so I cant say exactly when we will get up there.



Hi Scotty, If you can hit the nearest reapeater it is perfectly valid to ask everyone there to qsy to a simplex channel and give you the 4 required contacts to qualify the summit.

73 Ed.