An Impressive Activation by F4IVI

I am planning on a trip to France later this year and hopefully getting to Provence. Searching the map for easy :slight_smile: summits to activate I had a look at F/AM-669 the Massif de Tanneron a little inland of Cannes.

The most recent activation of this summit was by Jérôme @F4IVI with a very, very impressive total of 134 QSOs using 10m data in a long 5+ hours activation! I haven’t counted the DX entities he reached but it was a lot.

I think my average number of QSOs per activation is about 6 over 30 minutes. :slight_smile:


This sota is very easy, the number of qso is due to: jpole 10m antenna home made, ft891 30w, usb sound blaster play!3 and ft4 with good propagation.
Let me know should you need info on 06 Alpes maritimes sota info, F6HBI is my mentor, he can be good advice too !
Send me a mail with your dates and expectations (nb km treck, altitude variation, nb points …)


Jérôme, thank you. :slight_smile: It will be in Septembre, we arrive in Roscoff 27 Août then will drive south in our camping-car. We return from Roscoff 9 Octobre so between those dates we will visit Provence.:slight_smile:

Interesting to hear you used FT4. My experience has been very good with FT4, best DX was VK.


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