Ameringkogel OE/ST-067 (activation cut short by weather)

Apologies to any chasers who missed me today on the Ameringkogel. The airmass is getting quite unstable now and I decided to go QRT after working most of the chasers on 20m; which was unusally productive. The clouds started boiling up very early today, and as it is a 2 hour walk to the summit from the car I was having second thoughts as I reached the summit of the Speikogel. However, I decided to continue. It was nice and warm as I set up on the Ameringkogel, but it quickly deteriorated; the cloud boiled up and strong updrafts started to rock the antenna. Here is the view back to the summit as I left:

With a 2 hour walk back over exposed summits to the car I had to think ahead and went QRT with a few stations still on air. I did send QRT and ‘storm’ a few times, so I hope everyone got the message. The cloud really started to thicken as I got back to the Speikogel:

I contoured round the Speikogel to avoid the summit and then descended in mist on the other side:

It had been raining at the car and not long after I set off the heavens opened, so I do not regret my decision to vacate the summit quickly. But believe me, with the way 20m was working, no one wanted to stay and try the other bands more than me. No summit is worth your life in my book. Hope to work you all again soon.
73 de OE6FEG / M0FEU


You did well because security is the most important thing. Unfortunately, my QRP was too weak… and after a few minutes “Es propagation” was stopped so I did not hear your QRT. And I waited for 40m but now everything is clear.
Vy 73 de Mariusz sp9amh