America - I'm coming for you!

In a bit, probably around 1700 UTC, I fancy a trip out. I’m thinking some 20m SOTA from G/SP-015 and see what I can work from over the pond…

Alert will now be posted, plus of course self-spots during the activation.

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Don’t forget to the charge the battery, take the log paper etc. etc. :grin:


Tom is a true master of the forgotten art of DXing.

My planning and prep is thus:

“If anything goes wrong, I’ll just use my 2m HT.”

Planning and prep - tick.

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Marginal signal with QSB but we made it, though from your same side of the pond!
Thanks, Tom, for the activation/QSO.


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Spotted by RBNHOLE in VE2 at 26dB SNR. Your bits of wire antenna working very well Tom.

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Thanks for returning to 20m CW. 449 in New Jersey with QSB both up and down.

TU QSO es 73,

Hi Bruce @W2SE ,

Glad we could work. I always do return to CW after playing on other modes. It was only after I worked you that I spotted you had sent me an email requesting CW!

Yes Andy @MM0FMF - I love this particular antenna. Very reliable at getting out, strong track record of working Pacific and other DX on QRP with it, weighs next to nothing (so often gets chucked in the pack as a back-up) and easy to repair in the field if required (providing I’ve got a little Philips in my radio bag!).

Wednesday 18th October 2017 - The Cloud G/SP-015 - 1609 to 1758 UTC:

23 QSOs


CT: 1
DL: 1
EA: 4
G: 4
GW: 1
OK: 1
S5: 1
SV: 1
VE: 1
W: 8

20m CW: 10
20m JT65: 2
20m PSK31: 2
20m SSB: 4
2m FM: 5

It was rather cold by the time I was packing up; winter is definitely on the way! I was pleased therefore to be wearing a great new fleece from a range of gear that I currently like - Tog 24. Why do I like it? Because it goes up to sizes that I can wear! (I’ve just also bought a new black suit for gigging in - from Jacamo…).