Amend Log ?

I left out one station when entering todays log, can I amend the log or must I delete it and renter the log from scratch ?


Delete and re-enter is the only way. I recommend that you enter your log into some logging program that can generate the SOTA .csv file so you simply have to delete the log, then upload the corrected log .CSV file.

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Download the log from the system as an CSV file, open the file in Excel, Star Calc or SOTA CSV editor and edit it - adding the missing entry and then delete the online log and load your CSV file back up to replace the log.

73 Ed.

Be careful opening those CSV files in Excel. It likes to automatically reformat some of the data (like the dates / times). Best to use a text editor like vi that won’t mess things up!

Thanks folks


Funny, I just tried that and it worked without issue.

You are right Andy - I think I must have downloaded a log on the original SOTAdata and tried to upload it to New SOTAdata. Anyway, the logs downloaded from the original SOTAData don’t have that ‘V2’ column and a few of the other columns were in a different order. =)

The old one understands V2 files and the old unlabelled files. Newsotadata understands V2 CSV files only. You should be able to download and upload on both BUT you may need to delete some columns for upload. You get the points and bonus points listed in the columns that need removing. This is useful to some people. You can get LibreOffice free for all major OSes so bulk editing a CSV is possible and for no charge.

ADIF is on newsotadata… don’t know if that is upload only at present. I have nothing that makes ADIF files so I still have to try it.

And downloads data in that format too. So you can substitute the workflow in either. Crossing the streams? Well, it’ll go fine one way, but not old->new

Upload only. Maybe we end up with a download area at some point on newsotadata.