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Amateur radio at its best

OE5HCE/P is working on 7.165 and is systematically QRM’d by non SOTA stations defending “their” frequency. Christian has been on this frequency for about an hour now.

Listen in and enjoy…

Heinz, OE5EEP

In reply to OE5EEP:

Really crazy situation… :frowning:
Hmmm, typically italian style?

73 de OE5RTP

In reply to OE5RTP:

Was not Italian!

In reply to OE5EEP:

I didn’t hear a callsign from the offensive station but his accent sounded Spanish. In an awful sort of way it was almost amusing, the guy sounded as if he was about to burst a blood vessel!


Brian G8ADD

Fortunately I worked Christian before the chaos. I don’t think it matters what nationality they were, it was just bad.

Mike G6TUH

Edit afterthought ~ another form of QRM is constant bleating of a call irrespective of a contact in progress.

In reply to G6TUH:
Yes, give full callsign once, then listen.
Edit: A good code of honor for DX, that would also work nicely for SOTA: http://dx-code.org/

I want to make it different!
The OM which operate long SOTA know what it is and I have Disiplin.
Lasts but a little longer active!And OM happen with little SOTA experienceIt can sometimes lead to stress on the QRG.

I must also thank the OM’s times!
In the last 11 Summits task it merely just a bit stressful at the last Summit.Otherwise it worked great and I had a good community before me.
It was nice to hear, was how to deal with a newcomer when it comes to “SOTA”.Andreas (DG2RSO) his inexperience and was accepted with Him statts worked against him.

In this sense!
THANKS on all OM & GM4YMM (YL only risky on this tour) which I have worked.
Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer summits have been activated before.
But WE (DJ3AX, and you may set DK2RMP & again DG2RSO) are looking further and find some more.

73/44 Peter DK2RMP

Ich will es anders ausdrücken!
Die OM welche schon lange SOTA betreiben, wissen worum es geht und habe auch Disiplin.
Dauert aber eine aktiviert mal etwas länger!
Und es kommen OM dazu mit wenig SOTA Erfahrung,
kann es auch mal zu Stress auf der QRG führen.

Ich muss mich aber auch mal bei den OM’s bedanken!
Bei den letzten 11 Summits gabe es bloss bei letzten Summit bloss etwas stress.

Sonst hat es super geklappt und Ich hatte eine vorbildliche Gemeinschaft vor mir.
Schön war es auch zu hören, wie mit einem Newcomer in Sachen “SOTA” umgegangen wurde.
Andreas (DG2RSO) seine Unerfahrenheit wurde akzeptiert und mit Ihm statts gegen Ihn gearbeitet.

In diesem Sinne!
THANKS on all OM & GM4YMM (einzigste YL on this Tour)
Welche Mich gearbeitet haben.
Leider werden es immer weniger Summits die noch nie aktiviert worden sind.
Aber WIR (DJ3AX, DK2RMP & und eventuel auch wieder DG2RSO) werden weiter suchen und auch noch welche finden.

73/44 Peter DK2RMP

In reply to G8ADD:
I copied the call as LZ2ZF
Probably a relative of IT9 - Nino

Mike, dj5av

In reply to DK2RMP:

Thanks for the summits Peter & Andreas. I am glad you got back home from the trip safely.

I am also pleased to read that you only got stressed once :sunglasses:

Best wishes and thank you for the points.

Mike G6TUH
-------------------------------------hope this Google translator works!-----

In Antwort auf DK2RMP:

Vielen Dank für das Gipfeltreffen Peter & Andreas. Ich bin froh, dass du wieder zu Hause von der Reise sicher.

Ich freue mich auch zu lesen, dass Sie nur noch einmal betont. :sunglasses:

Die besten Wünsche und danke für die Punkte.

As I know Christian likes to shoot video, I hope we will hear that and witness ourselves!

Mmmm, no, maybe I’d be better to not show that hi…