Alternative source for KX2 DC barrel connector

Hi Ed,

It’s a good point. I’d probably post them from within the EU to be fair. I just posted a batch of QSL cards for Spain while we were in Gran Canaria last week and to send 6 cards cost about €3. To put that into perspective, it would have cost me £13.20 had I used the Royal Mail international letter service from here in the UK - quite a difference!

I did have to stand at the Correos counter for over 15 minutes before they served me, so it’s good to see EU Post Office service is just as slow as in the UK! :joy:

73, Simon

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Hi Simon.
Indeed shipping costs within the EU are much cheaper and you avoid any possible customs issues with packages.
73 Ed.


Very common with anything sent to Germany.
All SOTA packages are marked “Gift” on the customs label along with the value and individual weights (sigh) but German Customs seem to apprehend many shipments regardless and charge the recipient VAT.
Brexit keeps on giving in so many ways :rage:


Then your Post Office were trying to rob you - under 100 grams Large Letter to Europe is fixed at £3.25

@GM4TOE That would be more though Barry (6x £3.25):wink:

Post Office have sold me some stamps for £2.20 each, which I can use to send cards anywhere abroad apparently. They tell me I have to put ‘By Air Mail’ stickers on, otherwise they won’t get there. I have sent about a dozen cards this way, but as we travel to the EU quite frequently I intend to send cards for a specific country whilst there (assuming it is cheaper of course).

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I had assumed all together not singly - my apologies

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Brexit is indeed an example of a well-considered and impeccably delivered policy. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

However, it seems a little harsh to blame the vagaries of the German Customs service on Brexit. There are more than enough issues in the UK without adopting extras :wink:

But without Brexit it wouldn’t need to go anywhere near German Customs.

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