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Alpstein and mountain accident


Expedition to Alpstein, OE/OO-254

Many photos!

73, Alfred, OE5AKM

PS: I feel as good as can be expected under the circumstances!


Hello Alfred,

Very sorry to hear about your accident! The hip fracture and brocken ribs sounds like you will need some time to recover.

A good heads up for everyone to take extra care during our activations especially during solo hikes
All the best to you, a fast recovery and thanks for sharing with us!

73, Joe


Hello Alfred,

sorry to hear about your accident. I wish you a speedy and full recovery …

73 Martin, OE5REO


Wishing you a speedy recovery Alfred. That sounds horribly nasty! Get well soon.


Alfred, was machst du denn blo√ü f√ľr Sachen!! :weary::worried:
Die besten W√ľnsche und gute Besserung!

73, Sylvia & Peter


Not good! Hope you can make a quick recovery Alfred.


My sympathies as well, and best wishes for a good and swift recovery. Thanks for sharing your experience so the rest of us can learn from it.

Among other things, Alfred teaches us that if we are visually dependent on eyeglasses, best to bring an extra pair.

Scott WB8ICQ


Hi Alfred,
Sorry to hear about the accident but glad you are on the mend. You did very well in walking out far enough to get phone coverage.

Lovely pictures of the Alps. Many years ago I did a short hike in the Austrian Alps south of Salzburg and my enjoyment came back as i looked at your post.

I wish you a speedy recovery and return to activating.



This morning I had a check-up in the hospital: Doctors are happy and so am I.

Thanks a lot for all the good wishes, especially many thanks to Andy.

73, Alfred, OE5AKM


My best wishes for a good and speedy full recovery.



Hallo Alfred,

Ich w√ľnsch dir gute Besserung! G√∂nn dir die n√∂tige Auszeit f√ľr eine vollst√§ndige Genesung.
Dann hoffe ich, dich bald wieder von den Bergen zu hören!

73 Heinz


Today I had my 2nd check-up in the hospital: All stitches removed, ribs and pelvic girdle in situ, pulmonary function vastly improved, haematomas fading…

Pain will accompany me for the next weeks (especially when sneezing or coughing) but that’s ok. - Next check-up in 2 weeks.

Once more thanks to all SOTA friends who made me feel a member of a big family.

73, Alfred, OE5AKM


Hallo Alfred,

Ich w√ľnsch dir auch gute Besserung!
Vor 10 Jahren war ich schwer verlezt auf einen winzigen H√ľgel in Wales nach meinen Aktivation und als ich berg ab gestiegen bin. Ich habe MG 8 Jahre sp√§ter erreicht. Ich hoffe dass Alles f√ľr dich m√∂glich wird!
Alles zum Beste
David M0YDH


I am very pleased to hear that you are getting better Alfred, though it will surely take some time. I think being fit and doing SOTA has helped with your recovery, as indeed it did for me when I had my heart operation last year. I can sympathise with you with regards to the pain when you sneeze or cough… it is not very pleasant!

Best wishes for continued good progress with your recovery.

73, Gerald


Many sympathies from me as well with this! I live with this since my brain op in 2013 and take meds to avoid coughing or sneezing! Not nice - but good to hear you are on the mend Alfred.


Hi Alfred,
4 years ago I lost control of my push bike and suffered a broken pelvis in 2 places, last year I ruptured my right quads tendon. I had a low time after both incidents but pulling through, I activated G/SB-007 today. The summits will still be there when you are ready!!

We have a saying:

You cannot make omelettes without breaking eggs!!

Speedy recovery, your previous fitness will help enormously with your recovery.

David G0EVV/P