(Almost) Free to a good home!

As some of you know, I’ve been clearing out my childhood home. When I moved to Scotland 11 years back, I dumped a load of “stuff” there with my mum that was going to be taken North one day. Sadly that day never came and now the house is sold the “stuff” has to go.

So there are some bits and bobs which are available for collection from Liverpool. The cost, well a small donation to SOTA funds is all it will cost you and any monies raised will be used to help fund the various web hosting costs that arise.

2m 5ele Jaybeam Yagi
2m 9ele Tonna Yagi
2m 13ele Tonna Yagi

Several aluminium scaffold poles. Length around 10ft-15ft 2in OD.

The snag is they have to be collected in the next few days from South Liverpool. If not the poles will be chopped up and everything will be recycled.

email me mm0fmf_sota AT intermoose.com for more info etc.


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Mark, MW0TTK is interested Andy, I have emailed his number

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I’d like to thank Dave M0TUB and Mark MW0TTK for coming round and collecting the antennas and poles. I’m pleased that it will all be used and not be recycled. I’m more pleased because I’d have had to hacksaw the poles to lengths that would fit in my car! :wink:

Putting on my management team hat and being a little more serious I’d also like to thank both Dave and Mark on behalf of the MT for making donations towards the cost of running SOTA. Thank you.


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Hi Andy

I trust your removals gone well

Quote from another post:

Nice to meet you last night Andy - thanks for the Tonna.

I made a contribution to SOTA funds (only a small one) which I know was appreciated. There is a lot of expense behind this part of our hobby, which we all enjoy for free. Now, how can we send in some more? - cos he’s ex directory hi hi

What about a paypal donation button on the new shop site? (at the risk of de-railing this thread)