(almost) another MTB activation

Doing some homework looking for SOTA summits that would be a fun MTB activation, I found that Woodson, W6/SC-187, would potentially be very good. I’ve hiked up (and driven up) the service road to the radio gear on the summit in the past. I’ve never biked up there or hiked any of the trails on this mountain. So, I planned to pedal up the service road for a workout and try the trails that wind back down to the parking along the highway.

Springtime on a granite hill in San Diego

Wow. The service road was steep. Walked a few times, but pedalled the majority. This hill is covered with boulders. Saw lots of chalk marks and climbers doing bouldering.

This is a small one. Some are larger than cottages.

The way up…

Similarly boulder covered W6/SC-212 across the way.

ATS-3B.1 and ZM-2. What’s missing in this photo?

Headphones! No activation. Packed up and headed out to check out the trail down.

The first part featured lots of rock waterbars and wound it’s way through the chapparal and boulders.

The overcast in the photos was due to a bit of drizzle. This mountain actually captures a lot of water during the drier season by capturing the low moist marine layer off of the Pacific. So, this mountain actually has several different ecosystems.

Winding down into the live oak…

No activation, but wow, that was a blast!