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Almost alone on Monte Monte Camiciola I/AB-056 & Monte Padiglione I/AB-063

Even today to escape from the terrible Roman heat I decided to leave the city and go to the mountains to activate some peaks. The choice fell on two peaks of the Parco del Monti Simbruini, which can be reached in about 1 hour and a half drive from the center of Rome. The first peak I activated is the
I/AB-056 Monte Camiciola 1717 meters high which is located near the town of Monte Rotondo. The climb from the village to the top takes about 40 minutes and is very pleasant because it crosses a very fresh wood. On the top there was not much space but I started to operate in the shade by placing the fishing rod that held the usual “random” wire connected to a 9:1 Balun and then to the Elecraft Kx3 far away. In all 19 qso in 20 and 30 meters and 4 S2s.

Dismantled the station I went down towards the village and with the car I took myself towards the “Valico della serra” the place from where a very long ridge path started towards the next peak, I / AB-063 the Monte Padiglione 1627 meters high. In this case I walked almost an hour and a quarter under a very hot sun to reach the top where I set up the station and worked to do 20 qso and 3 s2s.

The activation lasted a short time, too much sun and too hot, and then I started to descend not before resting for half an hour in the woods near the top under the shade of a tree. I was not the only one, it was full of wild horses.

Calmly I went back to the car and perhaps it took me an hour and a half of walking to reach it due to fatigue. Overall two beautiful activations, beautiful and lonely places … I have not met anyone during the over 4 hours spent on the trails!

Thanks to @IK2LEY @YO6PIB @HB9AFI @HB9CYV @GM4JXP for the S2S Qso !!


Proud to be a friend of yours!


Sorry Andrea was not QRV for this summit :frowning:

As a former French Marine (34 years) I’m very happy to see that Mac 50 ammo boxes (12.7mm in France) are used for mailboxes rather than around Ukraine … :wink: or in another countries

73 Éric


Dear Eric,
i’ts not the first time that i see a “ammo boxes” used to keep the “summit book” in good conditions. Here in Italy all the big summit have this “book” for write something… and i have seen other “ammo boxes” used for this :slight_smile:

73 And IW0HK