Alloy tent pegs

Just been in local Millets - they have the alloy tent pegs beloved by SOTA activators on offer £2.40 for pack of 10.

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Just been in local Millets - they have the alloy tent pegs beloved by
SOTA activators on offer £2.40 for pack of 10.

That is cheap Steve. Last year, I paid £6 for a pack of 10 from Millets.

Already lost half of them :frowning:

73 Mike

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Millets are part of the Blacks Outdoor Clothing group that has gone into administration.
Both Blacks and Millets are clearing a lot of stock at upto 70% off at the moment.

I have just invested in a new Berghaus coat that was reduced by £80.

The sale is both online and in store but stores have stock not on the website so worth checking your local store if you have one near you.



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To be factual, last year I had a pack of 10…and you’ve lost half of them.

The other half you have stood on and bent!

Life would be easier without froends :slight_smile:

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I think they have been bought by JD Sports.

Who can forget the super Blacks Icelandic Sleeping Bag

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And the Good Companions tent, pretty heavy but it lasted and lasted! I recently found out that the Vango Force Ten tents were still made, I got twenty years of heavy use out of a Mark II, if they’re still that good then it explains why you need a mortgage to buy one!


Brian G8ADD

PS Alloy pegs? Wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole! They curl up and die at the first touch of a mallet, unless you’re driving them into peat or sand dunes, and one type goes brittle in frosty weather…but so do I!

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Still usings the F10 Mk4 (base tent) bought back in the 70’s. Still going strong although I had to purchase a new orange fly sheet as the original one began to have air conditioning holes in it.

The F10’s stay up where others blow down

I love the Icelandic Sleeping Bag, still keeps me warm even in winter although the Point 5 Expedition is almost as versatile. There used to be a place in Prestwich, Manchester which made sleeping bags and real Eider ones too.

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PS Alloy pegs? Wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole!

Have to agree Brian. The only way is Titanium. Shame they’re £2 each but that’s the price of pegs half the weight of alloy and 10000000000000000x stronger. :wink:


I’m not sure what the pegs are made of that I use for guying my antenna. They have a plastic “T” shape at the top and are threaded down the shafts. The shafts themselves are about three times the thickness of “standard” pegs.

I’ve not needed a mallet yet as the “T” shape is very handy for pushing them in, and also getting them back out of the ground again. Any tough ground and I kinda screw them in. They were £2.50 for four from SportsDirect - but they don’t seem to sell them any longer. I’ll try and take a photo later - they come highly recommended if you can find some and they’ve been better than any other type I’ve tried.

All the best,


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If not these ones, then they’re almost identical looking :"/

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Titanium! It would hurt to lose or damage one of those!

I carry about half a dozen steel pegs but have rarely used them as most of the summits I have visited are too stoney/rocky to get them into. A few bungees and a roll of duct tape tend to be more useful, with the wires terminated in lengths of nylon cord that can be looped around handy lumps of rock, fence posts, heather stems or even dwarf willows. Somewhere I’ve got a photo of my pole duct-taped to a rather phallic standing stone close to the summit of Watchcroft with the cords looped round stones on a decaying drystone wall - and yes, the used tape always goes in the rucsac with the butty wrappers - but last time I visited the pole went into the top of the trig point, better but less of a chuckle!


Brian G8ADD

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Hmmm. Could prove intersting as JD Sports were in trouble not so long ago too.

As for alloy tent pegs ?!? Not a chance here in the Lake District ! They would just crumple at first attempt.

Heavy duty Pyramid Rock ‘T’ pegs as mentioned below accompanied by a mini hammer and nylon sash window cord with loops to either stake of tie accordingly and some nice bungy straps carried wrapped around the roach pole tube for securing to fence posts, suitable tree or trig points.

Rob, If you do a search on Ebay for heavy duty rock tent pegs or heavy duty carp fishing bivvy pegs, you will find a few sellers that do 10+ at a good price.




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Thanks Liz… they’re the ones - after previously shelling out a whole quid for 10 aluminium ones at the local pound shop and bending every one, these things are amazing.


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wow tks 4 alloy tent peg info 73s de g0hda

I like the Y shaped ones, they don’t bend so easily.