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All the points for my wife on OK/VY-005

We went to a New Year SOTA walk to a nearby hill, only lightly dressed. It was freezing foggy cold so we wanted to cut it short. After half-hour frustrate CQing at an altitude of 812 meters we began to realize, that we are getting cold. I spotted myself, but still nothing (DL3HXX knows).

I first suspected my HB-1B, but the problem was in the antenna. Thin coaxial inner conductor was broken at the point where it could not be easily repaired. I was ready to pack everything up, but my wife said she would try to hold the wire connected.

It was really cold, especially in light clothing, but this solution, very inconvenient for my wife, allowed me to do 20 QSOs - thanks to all chasers for their patience as contact was occasionally interrupted, but primarily thanks to my wife for an unprecedented willingness, we had really thin gloves and to hold thin wires intently and try not to move them meant to freezeā€¦

Yes, it was a beautiful and inspiring new year activation!


Karel OK2BWB

In reply to OK2BWB:
Ahoj Karle. Dakujem ti za velku aktivitu ze sot a vela peknych spojeni v roku 2012 a tesim sa na rok 2013 maj sa pekne a nech sluzi zdravicko ahoj Vlado om1ax

In reply to OK2BWB:

Ahoj Karel!

Thanks for the QSO today for your wife! Happy new year!

                73  DX  Pista  HA5TI