All SOTA Summits Germany on Google Earth

Thank you very much for the file. I wonder, why each summit is in a separate folder in the list.
By the way: DK1BN has also prepared a very nice kmz-file for DM (not DL) which is available at

73 de Michael, DB7MM

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super Seite Mario, danke

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P.S.: this is an online version, you donnot need Google Earth on your
PC. My favorite tool for planning new activations

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Great site, I’m bookmarking it. It would be perfect if the region selection box would allow multiple choices, eg. OK/US and DM/SX for a crossborder hike.

For OK summits I am using Mapy SOTA-OK which uses local map service and you can choose topo map with hiking trails there (in the menu on the right: choose Mapy - Turisticka and Vrstvy - Turisticke trasy).