All German mountains have benches and picnic tables…

…well, not really, as pointed out recently in another thread. Yesterday, I activated the “Hermannskoppe” DM/HE-499 and this one has a picnic table. However, benches and table were covered with about 5 cm of ice and snow but that was no significant hurdle. At least, it was neither raining nor snowing.

The conditions instead were a bit more problematic, at least on 20 m. Although I could / (should) have recognized him from his characteristic voice, I even had to confirm Manuel”s call @EA2DT more than once due to strong QSB. :unamused: In contrast to previous activations I had this time the UK team in front of all others.

I keep my fingers crossed that your national soccer team takes this as an example. :wink:

Thanks to all chasers for another fun SOTA day. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

73 de Peter, DM7KN


Wow, you have had a covering of snow Peter! It’s rained and hailed practically all day in GW land. Nice photo and report :+1:

73, GW4BML. Ben

Hi Ben,

Yes, I saw your last report about the night spent in a rooftop tent and the bad weather you had the next day. Something that can only be fun in such charming company you enjoyed. :grinning:

All the best, Peter DM7KN